Get Your Ex Back With The No Contact Approach

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Get your ex back with the no contact approach

It is widely accepted that the no contact approach to getting your ex back is the most effective and proven method. It has been tested by singles across the globe and works for a number of vital physiological and emotional reasons.
Despite being present everywhere on the web it is still slightly incorrectly used and represented.
Many people use the “no contact approach” as a system or sure-fire tool to getting there ex back when it should actually be used as a healing process. It is an ideal or a useful piece of information rather than a secret trick to getting your ex back. Many would love to think there is a way to get your ex back for certain however this simply does not exist.
Counter intuitive as it is – the no contact approach works by removing yourself from the situation and allowing a healing process to begin. Most lovers in the damaged state soon after a break up are NOT thinking straight and the no contact approach clears the mind such that rational thinking can start.
The key to resolving issues in a relationship is being able to see the other person’s point of view so that you can understand them. As mentioned in a previous post:
The key to being heard is first to understand where your partner is coming from, once they feel understood they are open to change. The no contact approach users this concept very well to put you back in the driver’s seat in your relationship.
You may already have attempted the usual crying and begging in vain and are now interested an approach to get your ex back that actually works. Sympathy does NOT equal attraction and even though your ex is paying some attention to your crying etc do not be fooled that this is going to work.
Sympathy and attention DOES NOT equal attraction.
Your lack of independence now looks very unattractive to your ex and a clingy needy attitude will kill any chances of success.

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