Get Your Ex Back With Them M3 System And Self Reflection

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Do you move on? Or do you try to save the relationship…?

A relationship that you believe is worth fighting for. Coming to the conclusion that all you want in your life is your ex makes you realise how important they are to you.

Your ex boy/girl played such a huge role In your life and now they are gone – the suddenness of the situation is hard for you to deal with and you’ll do just about anything to get them back into your life.

The good news is that THEY are human… And humans have a huge capacity to love and forgive people. Even if you don’t deserve to be forgiven in the first place you can use certain psychological ex back techniques to trigger forgiveness.

Thankfully for you… it is possible to clean the slate with people no matter how much you screwed up in the past.

Thankfully for you… people have already tested certain phrases and emotions and know what works and what doesn’t.

So really you have very little to worry about. All that needs to be done from here is a decision. Do you want your ex back so much that your prepared to commit to a proven system for getting them back?

A system that is guaranteed to get them back or your money back? That’s a ballsy statement and the creator Michael Griswold stands by it.

Everybody wants to be loved and everyone has feelings of regret and loneliness… Even if you think your ex has most definitely moved on they WILL still have feelings of remorse, sadness and loneliness.

You have to give yourself some credit… Nobody can replace the time that the two of you shared. You and your ex have a special bond and even if she is seeing somebody else now their relationship will not be as strong as her past relationship with you.

You have to hold on to the attraction that first brought the two of you together because no other man or women can offer this to your ex. In order to save your relationship you have to do something quite special… but are you ready for?

What you really need to do first is work out if both of you are better off alone.

Some things just aren’t meant to be. If you have through long and hard about this (and you will have) and have come to the conclusion that your life is just not the same without them then you have an exiting journey ahead.

Self Reflection

What your really need to do first is start a series of self reflection and self analysis workshops in your head or on paper.

Only when you can accept your faults and the wrong doings of your past can you move forward and make the new relationship with your ex bigger and better.

There will have been some quarrels and arguments that caused your relationship to break up… It could have been over something as trivial as who last took out the trash! Was this argument really worth it?

What were you defending? Your pride?

You were arguing with the one person who really loved you in this world and now they have moved off to find someone that will be better for them.

Perhaps instead of arguing with your ex and finding faults you should have been congratulating and finding new exiting things to do together.

It’s easy to get into a false sense of security when you are in a long term relationship but it’s very important to keep attracting and keep re triggering chemistry.

Candle lit dinners and roses are not just for the movies you know. They don’t have to be as serious but they can be as fun.

When did you last do something nice for your ex?

Discovering areas of the relationship where there was friction enables you to analyse areas of your own personality that may have caused it. It’s a two way street but it starts with you.

You have to work on yourself and better yourself to get your ex to realise that it’s going to be different this time.

You have a fresh career path or you have a new outlook on life. You are going to spend more time with her or your going to be more positive about her passions and interests.

Perhaps you will give up smoking or drinking alcohol to get her back?

Have you realised how special she really is and you wont take her for granted anymore? All women really want is to feel loved and appreciated! Did you appreciate the fact that she did your washing and made your dinner?

If your ex did not feel as though she was loved by you then (thankfully for you) this could be the only reason why she left. All it takes is you to find ways to make her feel loved and appreciated again.

But there is a process to all this: It takes a little more than just some extra love because she may have moved on. You will have to re-attract her to you first and then shower her with all the love you have got.

I hope that you do not rush into getting your ex back and that you first take my advice and perform some serious self reflection regarding your own actions.

What happened that caused him/her to leave in the first place. Infidelity, carelessness, attitude, temper ?

It’s more likely that she didn’t feel loved by you. If you went straight to the pub after work and came home late drunk then I think we all know what you need to do to get your ex back…. Oh you still don’t know? STOP DRINKING

If you don’t have the will power to do that one simple thing then she was right to leave. It comes down to your decision about what you really want. If she is important enough to you then you will do what ever it takes. This often involves initial sacrifice on your part!









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