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Making Up Made Easy With The M3 System – Michael Griswold

Great personal , at home video by relationship expert Michael Griswold detailing the important concept of valuing what is scarce and how you can use this concept to get your ex wanting you again.

This short video is on what you should do to get your ex to call you back:
Michael studies behavioral economics and has developed a course on relationship conflict… it documents how to get your ex back and it’s all inside making up made easy.


So you have called your ex countless times and you are STILL having no luck…?

  • your ex is still not retuning your calls?
  • never texts you back?
  • and your starting to feel completely alone?

Every day that you see your phone completely blank makes you even more isolated.

If your struggling to get your ex back you might need a more comprehensive system.

Here is one on regulating conversation after you break up…
If your boyfriend is still texting you after HE broke up with YOU… what should you do?

Michael suggests that you should make yourself scarce and not reply to the messages you get from your ex.

Demonstrate higher value by not replying to their emails and text messages …

If you want to speak to them you do it on YOUR terms.

You call them up a week later and talk to them about how they really feel.

This way you avoid the booty call and get your ex in the situation that you really want them.



The Magic Of Making Up – T-Dub Jackson

This magic of making up ebook has been around for awhile and it has some great core get your ex back principles grounded mostly in no contact approach.

Magic Of Making Up Videos

This video what shot a few years ago and it’s the famous “T Jackson” talking about his experience with getting his ex back and how you can to.


Ex Recovery System

This video talks about signs your ex is still not over you:
(Your ex still cares about you even if they are angry!)

The ex recovery system is great if there is still some contact and they say that they just want to be friends.If you want to get your ex back and they have push pull or hot and cold feelings for you.

Competitive nature? – trying to convince themselves that they are over you

Give yourself time… allow the process to happen and allow yourself to heal!
Communicate with your ex with CAUTION

It’s actually uncommon for guys to leave relationships…

This is surprising isn’t it?

Usually men like to feel safe and stay in relationships for long periods of time…

So how do you get your ex boyfriend back?

If you are being to controlling and in his face he will feel trapped and want to leave.

Don’t overwhelm him – give him some space and you should be able to get him back. You cant be like his mother so give him plenty of room and let him experience some freedom.

Pull Your Ex Back

written by ryan hall, pull your ex back: It covers
everything from divorce to male and female ex back scenarios.
Even if your situation with your ex seems impossible pull
your ex back has ultra rare breakup secrets that should be
illegal they work so good.

Pull Your Ex Back Video

Authentic testimonial from a pullyourexback customer.



Ex Factor Guide

How to get your ex back tips and advice video playlist


Text your ex back



How To Avoid The Common Emotional Pitfalls Of Being Dumped

We have got a LOT to cover in a short time so I’ll get straight into why and how I managed to get my ex back and how you can get your ex back using  my proven methods below.

But first I should introduce myself.

I recently broke up with my ex after a long relationship together…

It still hurts to this day (but that’s not the worst part)

What sucks is that I made an absolute fool out of myself trying to get her back…

In the process of looking sorry for myself I made some very interesting discoveries into relationship psychology. I now know how to ethically influence the minds of others which is why I am confident I can teach you how to get your ex back.

These counter intuitive discoveries seemed to work extremely well!

They  worked even better when my ex didn’t want to talk to me. They worked from the stage of being dumped right through to the re-attraction phase.

I found that when trying to get my ex back the first instinct was to do the complete OPPOSITE to what your “supposed” to do.

It seemed so natural for me at first to want to plead and beg because that had always worked in the past..

But it worked TERRIBLY, plus I looked like a desperate idiot to not only my ex but to everyone else I loved.

The problem was that I seemed to be making all the decisions based on

EMOTIONS rather than intelligent relationship psychology.

So what happened In the end?

I failed BIG TIME trying to get my ex back and she left in search of someone less needy… I understand now that in order to get your ex back you have to understand the relationship recovery model.

But I was convinced that there was nobody in this world that could make her happy like I could so I started to study what it takes to re-attract and ex lover.

I was exited to find out that it can be done and in quick time.

The first step for ME was to heal my emotional wounds that had occurred during the break up process…

This allowed me to eliminate the emotion driven decision making process that was going on and REPLACE it with new a stable state of mind.

I mentioned that there is NO time to waste…

We need to get you to this point and quick… so I am going to give you 10 rock solid ex back tips

But these are not your ordinary tips…

They are what NOT to do in the next 2 weeks so that you don’t screw everything up like I did.

Get Your Ex Back MISTAKE #1:

Thinking That Acting Nice Will Bring Them Back

It makes sense to think that acting really nice to your ex will make them want you more.

The nicer I am to my ex the more they will realize what they are missing right?

Have you heard the term “nice guys finish last?”

Or though you might not think your being WUSSY…

That’s how it will come across.

By acting weak and sensitive around your ex will only push them away.

NOT acting like a WUSS can be really tough… especially after you have just broken up!

You emotions rule at this time and you used to be able to cry in front of them.

Being emotional around your ex used to be a bonding experience but now it is a NO GO area.

This reiterates the importance of the no contact approach to getting your ex back.

By leaving them for a period of time you give yourself a chance to heal
Your emotions will then be in a place where you can control them without acting silly and emotional.

Get Your Ex Back MISTAKE #2:

Using Logic To Change Their Mind

You just broke up –>Understand this ONE key concept <–
You are dealing with EMOTIONS!

  • Are emotions rational?
  • Do emotions make sense to you?

Emotions rule much of what we do in life and at the moment your ex dumped you for irrational emotional reasons (good in your case)…

Using LOGIC to try to get them back just will NOT work.

Because you are talking to the wrong part of their brain.

Even if they wanted to be back with you right now their emotions are telling them otherwise. To get your ex back you need a more specialized psychological approach.

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to get their ex back is using logic to back up an argument.

It seems weird I know but this is how the psychology of getting your ex back works.

Could you persuade someone on the street to love you with words alone?

Could you talk your friend into falling in love with you?

It just doesn’t work like that right?

So make sure you focus on getting your emotions under control first before trying to get them back because you will need them again soon.

The useful part about this tip is in the understanding that your ex’s heart is reactive to specific triggers and emotions.

Simply finding out what these triggers are will ensure you get them to love you again.

Get Your Ex Back MISTAKE #3:

Sacrificing Your Morals

Would you do ANYTHING to get your ex back? I hope not…

Do not sacrifice your morals or even suggest to your ex that you are willing
to do anything to get them back.

This indicates to them that you are very desperate and falling apart without them in your life.

Please stay… I‘ll do anything you want

It’s likely that your ex would like you to change something about your:

  • routines
  • habits
  • behaviors

but once again you have to SHOW them rather than TELL them.

Showing them you have changed talks to their emotions and telling them you will change talks to there common sense about what COULD happen in the future…

They see it as more false promises..

Will he really change?


Get Your Ex Back MISTAKE #4:

Gifts And Presents

It worked in the past right?

Well it wont work this time.

You cant buy love and you certainly cannot buy TRUST.

Once again you are talking to you ex’s mind rather than their EMOTIONS…

Gifts used to make her emotional but now they are a sign that your trying to manipulate her. If you want to get your ex back stop with the gifts.

They do show that you care, but it doesn’t solve the underlying problem.

If you expect that buying gifts for your ex will make things better you should think strongly about how it will make THEM feel.

She/he might be thinking…

What…does he think he can BUY me!!!

Your ex might LIKE you for it

Your ex might think you are a great friend for caring about how they are coping…

But it will never build attraction and never re-trigger love – you cant get your ex back by showering them with gifts.

Get Your Ex Back MISTAKE #5:


So you are saying I need to let them know that I love them

– how about I just let them know via text or phone call?


Smothering your ex with signs of love and affection will NOT work anymore…

You have been placed in a whole new category and it takes something special to get out of it.

Your ex doesn’t want to hear that you REALLY REALLY like them.

They already know how desperate and lonely you are…

What you really need to do is show them how mature and attractive you are through action.

Get Your Ex Back MISTAKE #6:


Most people that have been dumped have no idea that they actually have to

RE-Attract there ex.

You cant expect that because you have already established chemistry with this person at the start of the relationship you shouldn’t bother anymore.

It’s very important that you treat your ex like any other single guy or girl.
You need to reconnect and re-establish chemistry.

Get Your Ex Back MISTAKE #7:

Sacrificing Power

Believe it or not your life does not end when you beak up!

Even if you don’t manage to get your ex back (unlikely)
life goes on and new love is created.

Are you giving up your power to your ex?

Surrendering the ONE thing that is going to be the important attraction mechanism in the future is a HUGE mistake people make when they are dumped.

When you meet your ex do you wait for them to speak or accept their word as final?

Do you allow them to dictate how the conversation is going to go and sit their like an obedient puppy dog?

The only way to keep the respect with your ex is to RESPECT yourself.

If you lose the respect of your ex by acting like a WUSS there is little chance that they will be interested in getting back to you…

They will have seen the state you were in when they left and now think little of your ability to care for yourself.

It is possible to get the respect back – but it requires some sneaky tricks.

Get Your Ex Back MISTAKE #8:

Money And Looks

Despite what you think your ex did NOT leave because:

Your ugly, poor or unable to provide for her.

YOUR EX got into this relationship because you had something special.

You lost that somewhere along the way and it should be your major purpose to get that “mojo” back when it comes time for re-attraction.

She/He is not that shallow even if you think they are:

Think that all you have to do is get rich or lose that belly fat is dreaming.

It would help. But it’s not the reason – remember you cant buy love.

Get Your Ex Back MISTAKE #9:

Mis-Reading The Signs

There is a time before you ex breaks up with you when you should have been AWARE of the signals and signs that they were unhappy…

Your ex did not want to break up with you!

They were giving you signs and suggestions about changing certain things about the relationship!

Did you mis-read or ignore them?

If you were more self aware of your ex’s behaviour changes you could have changed the course of the past.

That’s over now but it’s a VERY good idea to focus on that stage of the relationship for a bit and find out what it was that caused your ex to change her mind.

Did you stop giving her the love she needed? Did you become a lazy lover?

Use the knowledge about the past relationship as leverage for the future.

Get Your Ex Back MISTAKE #10:

Not Getting HELP

Most people never spend the time to look for answers.

Therefore they end up doing the wrong thing to get their ex back.

They perform the 10 mistakes listed above and history repeats itself.

Learning a little about human psychology and behaviour can go a long way.

The best thing about your situation right now is that you are in the best place online to be able to change it.

You have taken action and are willing to get HELP.

The reality is that there are thousands of people in your situation right now.

There really is a lot of information online about how to get your ex back and if you ask me much of it is complete B.S.

If you are interested in learning more specialized techniques on how to get your ex back here some of the top “ex back” products.


In most cases your ex breaks up with you because of communication breakdowns.

Because communication is often the reason for the breakup… It can also be the solution.

Unresolved issues of the past and false assumptions can be cleaned up in one honest heart to heart conversation.

Effective communication is essential in any relationship if it
is to last and thrive.

Accepting ownership for the problem is the first step to
resolving it.

Acceptance Of Responsibility

If your true priority is saving the relationship you must be willing to accept ownership of what you did that caused the problem.

If you really DO want to get your ex back then you will do what it takes… It may be that you have to give up smoking or drinking. It may be that you have to lose weight and get healthy.

You may have to deal with some of the anger issues that have caused issues in the past

Your ex might be worried about their future with you because of your lack of job. If this is the case then perhaps going back to college/university or finding a new job is the best step forward for you.

Taking responsibility for the breakup means ignoring your pride and submitting to and accepting the truth. Even if your ex wronged you at some stage and is not accepting responsbility themselves… all you can do is control yourself and live by what you believe is right. This means that it’s not about RIGHT or WRONG… it’s not about getting anything over your ex.

It’s about accepting what you did wrong and taking actionable steps to making it better.

If your relationship was built on a commitment to the union and a true friendship then each partner should be willing to make some compromise.

This compromise often results in some sort of sacrifise to maintain harmony.

When you are really coming from a place of peace and acceptance you will accept that a part of the problem is yours even if your ex was the one to cheat on you.

Even if your ex gf or bf wronged you… you can still accept partial responsibility and try to find out where you went wrong.

This is by no means easy – In your attempt to get your ex back you wont get the pleasure of winning any fights and protecting your pride. Getting your ex back is about acceptance of the truth and fixing issues of the past.

You must have been feeling lonely and vulnerable. I should
have been there with you.


This must have been a heavy load to carry all this time. I should have noticed the stress you have been feeling.

Make your relationship a priority!

Really know your partner.

Be willing to accept ownership/responsibility when problems arise.

Actions speak louder than words but a good first line to start with when it comes time to talking is…

“You must be very frustrated with me.”

This displays acceptance of responsibility and understanding of their situation. It shows your ex that you really care about how they are feeling.

It’s crucial that you understand your goal – you are trying to get your ex back!

Your not interested in being only friends or taking it slow for awhile.

You are not seeking an apology from your partner – your only priority is to get them back in your life.

Taking responsibility is not always the same as an apology.

Actions ALWAYS speak louder than words.

Your partner will appreciate you for acknowledging their feelings.

Take ownership without the expectation of an apology from your partner.

Be sincere.

Don’t expect immediate forgiveness.

An Ex Back Trick

Calling up and either let them know directly or by leaving a voice message:

Thank them for something really simple that they did during the relationship that you never thanked them for during it. It could have been cooking you a certain meal, cleaning up, making the bed… anything. Call ONLY to say this one compliment and then say you have to go.

“Hey I’m in a rush but I just wan’ted to let you know how lucky I was that you did… thanks for… anyway have a good day, bye”

Sending this via text is a good idea if your not ready to call them up yet.

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  1. Thank you again for taking the time to write and let me know your thoughts, they are much appreciated!

  2. Thank you again for taking the time to write and let me know your thoughts, they are much appreciated!

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  4. Im impressed by the way you embraced this subject. It really is not usually I come across a website with winning articles like yours. I will bookmark your feed to stay up to date along with your upcoming updates.Like it and do preserve up the solid work.

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