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How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back
The ex boyfriend guru believes that in order to get an ex boyfriend back you need to be able to understand how men responds to adversity and struggle and that most of the general get your ex back information wont help.
Here why
There is a certain way to go about getting your ex boyfriend back that 99.9% of girls are not using. They don’t know how to hit those emotional hot buttons that will have your boyfriend pleading for YOU to come back to HIM.
Understandably you might feel a little sceptical that their really are emotional buttons you can press in a man that will magically cause him to want to come back to you.
The fact is that you should not be sceptical at all! You should be EXITED that someone is willing to lay it all out on the table and expose the truth. This guy (being a guy) understands men and how they respond to women. He believes that it’s all simply down to male psychology and once you understand this you can gently manipulate your man back into your life with ease.
Only men have these certain emotional hot buttons and luckily for you he doesn’t even know they exist.
If you find out what exactly goes on inside a man’s mind you can easily manipulate him to your will. You will be able to ensure that he is committed to you for life so he wont go off chasing other women.
What you need to discover for yourself is male specific triggers that will actually stimulate longing and love again. It’s likely that most of your emotions are in a complete wreck right now and you will break down and start bawling your eyes out at soon as you see him.
This is NOT what he wants to see and you will not get him back by playing the sobbing ex card.
What you need now is some unique male specific advice!
There are certain “symptoms” and signs that your man is losing interest in you fast. The relationship is heading in only one direction once these signs start showing up:
He stops flirting and paying attention
Intimacy Stops
He stops calling
He stops giving you any attention
He is “out” a lot more
The worst thing is you have no idea what you are doing wrong and what is causing the seemingly random distancing of the relationship. You try harder to rekindle the love but it just gets worse as you come of needy and desperate for love and affection.
Remember Hearing

“I just need time apart”
“I need space”
“It’s not you, it’s me”
“Things just aren’t the same anymore”
“We can still be friends”

In the end the relationship ends and you feel heartbroken.
No the questions is how do you get your ex boyfriend and rekindle the love that was once there.
The amazing this you can reverse the pain you are feeling now and transfer it to him.

Men Want What They Can’t Have

You man “had” you and things got way to easy for him… They game of chase that he loved so much was gone and he was left mojoless. He was left with a women that he felt did not appreciate him and there may not have been any sex in the relationship. His obvious next move was to get back into the game and feel like a man again.
The simple and obvious move is the one men will take and he needed to feel that chase and that exhilaration of being single once more. Even though he loved and cared for you dearly he could no longer take the submissive and (to him) boring marriage like relationship.
He Left Because
He felt too constricted, like he had no options
He felt weighed down
He was sick of the nagging of which he got plenty from his mother
The passion had died, and sex it very important to men
He wanted to feel what it was like to be single again.
He wanted to be really loved again and feel the passion of the first love

The great thing about being a women though is that you are great at understanding situations and positively manipulating them to your will. Better still men react in very predictable ways to female approaches. All you need to do is act and say certain things to him that have been proven to work for other women. You can get your ex boyfriend back in no time with the right system.

It’s actually not even that hard if you know what specific “emotional buttons” to push.

If you try to use logic and reasoning with your ex you will be met with a stubborn refusal. Conversation and explanation will not work – you need to ACT a certain way to get your ex back boyfriend back.
Luckily there is a system that attacks every situation you could imagine. It details exactly how to act to get him back by detailing how you should act to trigger his emotions for you.

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