Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back In 3 Steps

To those that have lost a love via a breakup…

All is not lost – The best outcome out can hope for is to ease the pain you are feeling now and either get your ex back or remain friends so that you can continue having great times with them.

This is easier said than done however. Feelings and emotions start flooding back when you try to hang out with an ex on friendship grounds…

You might feel very jealous or angry or hurt or sad… These emotions cannot be shut down – they are natural and you have to deal with them.

Losing a girlfriend to another guy is gut wrenching and the jealously and anger you feel can sometimes be to much to handle on your own… Get a friend or family member to talk to! This is very important!

You must find someone that you can share your feelings with otherwise all of your rage is keep inside a boiler for weeks until it explodes at a later stage or worse you take it out on your inner self.

When you lose a girlfriend the self doubt can rip at you:

  • Was I not good enough for her?
  • Did she every love me?
  • Why did she leave?

You start to wonder if she crept out and cheated on you while you were away. The thought of her with another man is to much to think about.

You feel you cannot trust her anymore and you resent the fact that you did not treat her better while you had her.

You think: Does nobody else understand how I feel? Maybe it was meant to be – maybe we just were not meant to be together?

These are all emotions you have to deal with and the questions and decisions are tough to answer on your own. The amazing this is that it is possible to get your ex back and so many other people have done it before.

I would suggest that you DON’T get your ex back if you are just trying to control her! In fact it would most irresponsible of me to suggest otherwise… You would be a complete idiot if:

You are trying to get your ex back and you don’t actually give a dam about her – you are just trying to manipulate her to get her in the sack for some casual sex or mind games.

Don’t try getting your ex back if you are a complete emotional wreck!

Don’t try getting your ex back if she ruined your life, hurt you and was generally a complete bitch (even if you love being treated like shit… hey some guys do)

In order to get your ex girlfriend back you have to NOT be one of the guys above AND be willing to COMPROMISE on the relationship.

The relationship wont be able to go back to exactly how it was before but it CAN be even better. But you have to sacrifice a few things and be prepared to work through things and also work on yourself.

Everyone has personality issues and you are no different.

Girlfriend Back #1

Make sure that you are still friends! This is the first step – first contact with a coffee and a small 15 minute chat is all it takes. DON’T suggest anything about the relationship or give anything away that would suggest that you are hurting… She might cry but you are to remain stoic.

This first contact is very important… if you let your girlfriend disappear on your ass you may never see or talk to her again. – treat first contact like your catching up with an old friend. Nothing serious and no weird stuff ok?

Girlfriend Back #2

Or though this can be really tough for you (because you just want to get back with her) suggest to her than you just want to be friends. Suggest and convince her in an undemanding way that all of those great memories and times need not be lost! We can simply channel the fun times into a great friendship.

Girlfriend Back #3

Remember that your first contact and several times after you must remain completely relaxed and UN-NEEDY.

The more stable and independent you seem the more she will want to get back with you. The more it seems as if you are getting on with your life the more she will want you back.

Remember back to the BEST times of your relationship – (they wont be just before the breakup)… they could be right at the start or somewhere in the middle.

Act like everything is fine between you and in general you just want to have a really great time with her. All of that emotional stuff can come out later on.

If you find that there is a little sexual tension between you GREAT… you are very close to getting her back. don’t act on it straight away… just keep having great times with you – she should make the first move or suggest something.

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  • You could have misplaced your girlfriend. Now you want her back again, however the problem is always that the split up isn’t so helpful and she isn’t going to wish to chat to you any more. You see, obtaining your ex-girlfriend again is obviously a make a difference of realizing what she desires. Do you think you’re concur ? Or else you have your individual impression ?