Getting a kiss on the first date!

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Today I found a very good post titled
Top 100 things that attract women to men
Almost all of the things that attract women to men are based on evolutionary responses to survival and reproduction…
Independence, physical strength and height, health (clear skin, proportionate, slight tan, nice teeth,)
There were also some more metaphysical aspects of attraction that you should be aware of including.

Being compassionate, witty, funny, caring, knowledgeable etc
But in the end all of these aspects of personality bring you back to your ability to bring up children in the modern world.
The more compassionate and caring you are the better equipped you are to care for children and understand their needs.
One of the really interesting statistics was that your SHOES are the most important piece of attire you can wear. Women notice if a man is wearing a good pair of shoes.

So if you want a kiss on the first date or if your just want a second date it would be a good idea to read up on the 100 things that attract women to men before going.
In case you didn’t know women place a huge importance on the first kiss so you don’t want to rush it. Thinking that you have failed just because you didn’t get that kiss is ridiculous.
Most guys have no idea how women want them to approach the first kiss so they end up screwing it up every time. Thankfully women are forgivers and if you did some other things right during the date you are usually given a second chance.
If your going for the kiss the first date DON’T make this one simple rule that almost every guy makes.
Don’t Kiss With No Chemistry!
Don’t think that you have to kiss for the date to be a success. In fact the success of the date is completely independent of whether you kiss or not.
If you force a kiss before you establish chemistry you will have blown your chances. Guys with little game get fidgety and scared and do irrational things. Like trying to kiss a women without first establishing chemistry through touch.
There is a natural progression of interest between two people and it starts with a smile or a look. If you aren’t even at the smile stage why did you go for the kiss…?
Because it was the end of the night and you though, oh shit better wrap this one up…
No man… You have got to ease into the first kiss gently. Establishing kinaesthetic aka keno (touch) is crucial if you expect to get the kiss on the first date.
The first touch is done in a very casual way and you can test whether it makes her feel awkward or whether she likes it and leans closer.
You could try:
1. Arm
2. Back
3. Hand
4. Hair
5. Face
6. Kiss
This occurs over time and in between you asses feedback. This is not some “system” it’s just common sense that most men seem to completely ignore. It’s old twig and berries controlling your thoughts rather than your head.
The kiss shouldn’t be some big climax to an event but simply a natural expression of how the night is going. If the night is a little cold and the sparks are not flying then don’t force it.
Once you reach the kissing stage it’s very easy to escalate through to sexual contact and beyond.
Be aware that your goal of getting a kiss on the first date is actually pretty hard to do. This women has never seen you and will be sceptical about how the night is going to go. Pushing the kiss back until the 2nd of 3rd date is a perfectly acceptable approach.
Once again men with little game are ones that are not aware of their surrounds and try to jump forward and skip through the keno steps. It’s about connecting and listening to her rather than being in your head and trying to force the steps forward because the night is getting late and your running out of time.
Allow progression through the levels FIRST…
Be patient
If you can get a kiss on the first date you are doing great – but it should not be the goal connected with a pass or fail grade.
Move your conscious away from kissing to getting to know her and establishing chemistry.

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