Getting An Ex Back – Time Heals All Wounds

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Getting An Ex Back – Time Heals All Wounds
When you get dumped the world can seem to collapse in on you leaving you feeling lost and alone. Your though processes are cloudy at best which makes real communication with your ex even harder. The one person that you trusted and could rely on to be there for you for support has now dumped you and left you for good. It is only natural that you want to rush back and attempt to heal any wounds you may have caused. Wanting you ex or wife back is a feeling that men and women have every day so it’s important not to feel alone.
The feeling of being left in the dark with no one to rescue you can be daunting. There is help available and you should not feel the need to stay at home and continue to be lonely.
Sincere apologies that are delivered well around specific points may be all that is required to get your ex back. What I mean about being specific is you need to really bring up real tangible events and past problems in your relationship that you have taken some time to think about. Your wife,husband boyfriend or girlfriend wont take you back until they know that you have really learnt a lesson.
This is why time heals all wounds. Don’t go running back to your ex the next day in the hope that you can talk your way out of what happened. Your ex will have thought about breaking up with you for some time before actually doing it so don’t shrug this off like it’s not a big thing to them. Respect there decision and resolve the issues they brought before asking them to talk.
The only way you can prove to your ex that you have changed is REALLY change. Actually take some time by yourself to resolve some issues in your life. Perhaps you drink to much. Perhaps you don’t work out and are lazy. Maybe the two of you kept arguing.
Come up with real solutions to the problems in your relationship and write down how you think the problems can be fixed. Then write down what you are actually going to DO every day to prove to your ex you really want her back…
These real tangible actions taken by you such as quitting smoking will mean alot to her. Then when the time comes to talk about trying to get back together you have a list of real issues in your head you can bring up in gentle argument.
If she says I have moved on because you wont change. I wont my life to be better or I think we are to different to go out you can prove to her that you are no longer smoking… you work out every day and you are eating healthy ( or whatever it is you choose to change about yourself)
You have the choice to treat this breakup in a positive or negative way. You can either sulk an plead her to come back or really work on yourself to make yourself more desirable to her.
When she realises the effort and pain you have gone through to correct the mistakes of you past she will be amazed at how understanding you are. She now feels like you are really listening to her and you really do want to change.
Your ex must feel understood before they are ready to move on with the new relationship. Let them yell at you and accept that you made wrong decisions in the past that you are now willing to correct. Present your evidence that you have already begun on this new path and have been treating people with the respect they deserve for weeks in practice.
Whether you cheated on her or the relationship just turned sour, you have the choice to either grow and learn from the breakup or let it negatively affect you.
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