Getting Dates With *Oasis ACTIVE*

I have mentioned before that you really have no excuse to be single if you don’t want to be. There are SO many singles out there that would be delighted to have you message them.
If your still single and have been for awhile it’s either you self esteem or ability to connect with people that’s holding you back. You might think your to unattractive to get any dates and that’s rubbish.
If I can get numbers without even having a profile picture you should be able to with one. As long as your reasonable about the women or men you want to date and are not shooting for the moon as far as looks you’ll be fine.
Oasis active is teeming with singles who are ravenous when it comes to wanting to share their cell with you and get to know you.
Guys, women are almost desperate to go out with you if you portray the right qualities and attraction triggers.
“a good man is hard to find” right?
But what if you think your not a “good” man but your just a regular bloke whose not particularly attractive.
Well you’re the majority of men online and you either need to stand out from the crowd or simply message more women.
That of course is easy with the oasis active because it’s all free. If your the average bloke then you shouldn’t be disappointed with the quality of the “average” women online.
Some guys seem to be disappointed with the results they get at free dating sites but really how much success are you having offline?
Probably sweet fuck all if I was to guess…
The fact is, dating IS hard. You have to deal with a ton of different personalities and emotions which are stressed and scared.
People are scared of being alone and perhaps a bit desperate because their time to find a suitable partner is escaping them. Nobody wants to live a life of loneliness, they want a vibrant energetic man/women to come into their life and excite them. They want a man to take them on a trip around the world or heck just down to the beach would be a start right?

Normal People Are Boring!

Are you?
If you want to date a stunner online you are going to have to offer them something unique. Money talks – if you have some cash to spare or are willing to take risks why not:
Take the advice of tim ferris of the four hour work week or chris from “life of non conformity”
Sell all the junk you have accumulated, I mean ALL of it, rent your house for a year and use the money to travel around the world.
If this is your plan you can now say in your oasis active profile that you are planning on travelling around the world in a couple of months and would love a women to join me.
I am looking for someone who is organised and can help me sell all the junk I have accumulated over the years. She must be willing to organise the trip and have fun going to amazing crazy places in the world.
You have now changed your oasis active profile from…
Hey I’m dave blah blah blah I’m like everybody else so don’t take any notice of me
Hey I’m dave, I have something to offer you, if you want to travel around the world with me then all you have to do is email and we can get in touch. My life is exiting and different and I am an opportunity for you to escape your boring routine life of work and weekends.
Yes this is extreme but if there are many ways to portray high value in an oasis active profile. If you are in a band then this is something that is different from others and suggests you are somewhat talented. If your in a high ranked team , sports or even intellectual you might be able to capture some attention. Financial abundance always goes a long way to sparking interest.
Perhaps your witty and funny
Perhaps your lifestyle is different than others.

I have tried free online dating sites obviously or I wouldn’t be giving advice on them and I found MOST of the users to be very open and willing to date.
I don’t understand why men have such trouble meeting women when there is literally thousands of them online waiting to be emailed every second of the day.
Guess that’s why I’m here…
It might come down to your inner game and personality issues because let’s be honest the mechanics of emailing women on oasis active is extremely simple. You sign up and then you browse and then you say HI and then you exchange numbers and then you go out for coffee or lunch and then BAM you have a girlfriend.
Now where along that chain of events do you seem to hit SNAGS?
Is it
Getting attention online?
Women not emailing you back?
You get responses but cant seem to get first dates?
You get first dates and then screw it up from there?
You cant hold onto women once you get to know them?


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  1. Dont have trouble at all actually mate… Kill it will dating sites 😉
    well I’d like to think I do

  2. Dont have trouble at all actually mate… Kill it will dating sites 😉
    well I’d like to think I do

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