Getting Sex Online: Ask For It Later!

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Online casual personals are great because the honestly forwardness and intent of the users is impressive. However they also have their downsides – you wont find many innocent and “nice” girls on casual friend finder sites
There are many bitter divorced moms if your into milfs but not many young and vibrant college girls.
What you could do is realise that sex is inevitable with most male female interactions on dating sites so by using normal dating sites you can set up motive free interactions and then use seduction techniques from their to escalate faster than normal.
The toughest thing with women is to get their trust and doing it online can be tough – you are automatically seen as the desperate horny dude that cant get any… no matter how cool you are and how much you get it’s tough not to come across like that to a girl.

So understand that you have a lot of work to do and this is only increased when you are asking for a sexual relationship from the word go.

By using a “normal” non sexual dating site you remove this friction and get contacts and “coffee dates” fast.
You can send out all the email you want but unless you can actually meet up in real life there is little point


What I mean by remove the sex is remove the immediate drive for sexual gratification as it will only ruin it in the short term. I have said this already an I’ll say it again. Sex is inevitable.
When a guy and a girl are hanging out together and there is chemistry it’s going to happen so you don’t need to make such a big deal out of it. Don’t make it a pass fail test – just let it happen.
Your aim on a dating site is to get OFF the dating site. Meaning you need to get numbers and get those women to star bucks! There virtual ass is off no use to you – this sounds horrible but it’s just a joke. The fun begins when you start laughing and flirting offline.
So keep the sexual thoughts and weird emails out of it until at least your second or third meeting. When she starts contacting YOU via text or phone you know your onto something.
Yes it’s a sacrifice but it pays of big time.


MOST women… for whatever reason – just wont ask… You have to ask. Ask for the email (e.g. send one) ask for the coffee date… ask for the phone number… ask for the movie night and eventually ask for the sex.
Of course you have to do this all in a very non threatening way.
Make no mistake about it – she WANTS to fuck you.
If she is hanging around wasting time listening to you talk about your job so she does have a motive!… She just wont ask for it.
I understand that it’s easy for guys to think that they are intruding on a women’s space or being seedy or manipulative or forceful but you have to be. You have to at least ask because that is the mans job in this whole interaction. If you don’t ask she wont be able to say YES!
Better to ask and she say NO than to piss around for a month texting once a week and then wondering why she wasn’t interested… If you pop the question in a month she will likely say – why the hell didn’t you ask me earlier?
You will sit their with a blank look on your face and wonder why she didn’t ask you if she was that interested… It’s just how it is mate – ask her.

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