Getting Sex Online

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There are a number of things your going to need… the obvious thing is a willing partner but we will to that later.

A little preparation on your part will make the whole process of getting sex online easier.

A hotel room is going to be your best friend for the night. If you don’t want to shell out for a room then make sure you head back to hers. It could get a little awkward the next morning plus if the night turns sour it’s pretty easy to get the hell out of their.

If she comes back to yours it’s no longer a discreet affair and she knows where you live!

So keep the option of getting a hotel room open even if you both have places to stay. By talking openly about it when you meet you will eliminate any weirdness on the night.

She may be very comfortable with you going back to hers. If she seems fine with that then you got lucky.

Obviously bring condoms along (goes without saying) You don’t know where she has been and the risk is just not worth it.

Some casual sex sites even suggest that you use a different car on the night or get a taxi.

This is going a bit far but if you want to remain anonymous this could be an option.

The reality is that you are having sex with this women which requires much trust and interaction so her knowing your real name is not going to be that big of a deal. However it all depends on your situation.

If you are married and doing it on the sly then obviously you would want to remain completely anonymous.

Yes she will see your face but if you she cannot trace you back via any credit card payments of photos then you should be fine. (I would not recommend that you do any of this while in a relationship)

The other one was credit cards and photos – if you want the casual sex to remain secret then make sure she does not take any shots of you. Also don’t go using your credit card at the front desk of the hotel room.


So now that you are a aware of some of the more devious methods of staying anonymous lets look at where you are going to find a single and willing sexual partner.

Casual sex need not be a taboo subject and you should not be forced to feel bad about wanting it.

Showing love to many women in your life via sex is the most natural thing in the world. So go out and get what you want without fear of what others might think. Luckily now you can find women that are keen in your area within a few minutes.

No more rejection and no more wasted time in bars.

Getting sex online is about connecting with singles in your area via the right online websites.

Your going to need to become online “friends” and chat via instant messenger and perhaps skype before meeting up offline. Becoming online friends is very easy – you simply create a profile that is attractive enough to warrant a “friend accept” and add friends via the button below their profile.

Most will accept your invitation and you will be able to chat with them and send them emails. You are going to want to ask them about themselves first and ease into the relationship.

Jumping straight to the topic of sex can work with some women but most relationships should start with some light hearted banter.

She will want to know enough about you to allow herself to paint a picture of safety.

You may or may not be what she is looking for. Rather than gussing what you think she wants to hear just be honest about who you are and what your looking for. It’s likely that she will want what you want anyway.

The more open and honest you are the better. Women hate a guy that’s going to lie to them about his physical appearance income and intent. Honesty is very attractive especially in a world where it is so easy to misrepresent yourself.

So by now you should be signed up and chatting to at least 3-4 singles in your area that match your filters e.g. location, age, sex, intent

Don’t throw all of your eggs into one basket – Many women will flake out or just not be interested. If you come on to strong (in your haste to make it happen) many of the girls will take it as feeling pressured.

It’s a balance but lean toward giving them room to reply and form natural conversation. You might want to force the interaction and get them to call you but good things take time.

Control yourself and perhaps mid next week when she logs on again she will be interested in meeting up.

Getting sex online: Where to go – you will have the best chance of getting no strings attached dating at sites. Here the women are already looking for sex… all you need to do is place an attractive profile in front of them.

You should realise that if you are an attractive confident young male you shouldn’t be having any problems getting female attention anyway.

Simply head to bars and clubs or join more communities and get yourself out their.
I would suggest that you at least try it the natural way before diving nto the deep end and using them you could try out the regulars… oasis active or pof.

The ease at which you can contact divorced men and women who are extremely open about just about anything is all to easy.

Be careful not to let a little harmless casual sex get in the way of any “pure” wholesome fun that you have going on outside your nightly escapades… Sex is a drug that can be abused.

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