Getting Your Girlfriend Back Is A Process

  • How’s it going?
  • Where about’s are you on along your breakup journey?
  • Have you given it at least a couple of weeks of no contact?
  • Have you been at a gathering together and shown that you are moving on with your life?
  • Did you make sure that you didn’t give your ex any attention?

By now you should have stimulated some sort of longing and desire in your ex. They will be starting to regreat their decision to leave because you are now such a great catch. You are already starting to draw crowds of girls and look interested in them.
They will be thinking “If I don’t move fast on this he‘ll be gone forever”…
The tough thing is that you wont know this – your ex will likely be to proud to accept that they made a mistake and they wont want to risk looking silly just yet.
There will be small patches of sad feelings for you but they will also be thinking about moving on.
So don’t think that you have it in the bag just because you havn’t talked to them in a few weeks.

What’s She Thinking?

The reality is that you don’t know how they feel. When the time is right you need to sit down with her in a relaxed and friendly manner and have a chat.
You need to find out what she is thinking and how she feels about the idea of giving the realtionship another shot. She may have come to the conclusion that you cant be friends because it makes her sad and also that she wants to move on.
You cant change her mind intellectually – you cant argue facts to her and try to convince her that you are a changed man.
Getting your ex girlfriend back takes more than word play – you must prove through action and attraction techniques that you are worthy of her love and forgivness.
You must reattract her with body language and action. This is something that Michael Griswold teaches in making up made easy…
Making up is by no means easy but Griswold does a great job at showing you through each step of the ex back process.
Re-establishing loving feelings is the next step after sorting yourself out mentally. It helps to be in the same room as your ex (but don’t show them any attention or even really look at them at all)… This ignoring phases might seem cold and mean but it’s necessary in the re-attraction process.
One of the most important parts of getting your ex back occurs when you actually start talking again. You need to find out what they are thinking (and they may not know themselves.)

How do you find out if they really want to get back with you or if they are just being nice to let you down easy?

You don’t want to look silly by blurting out how much you still love her to soon. If she knows how vulnerable you are she will be most unimpressed.
The whole reason she was re-attracted was because it looked like you were emotionally stable and moving forward.

Your A Single Guy Now

Look at youself as if you are single… It does something very powerful.
As soon as you become single a sense of freedom and power starts to impress itself onto you.
This is very attractive to women.
You will realise that you no longer have anyone else to rely on and you must do it yourself. You will start to set goals and move forward with your life.
You will start to do the things you always wished you could do but were help back from because of your relatoinship. Getting your ex back is tough because it’s counter intuitive.
You must let go and move forward to be able to re-attract your girlfriend.
You must get control of your emotions firsts and ignore you ex when all you want to do is jump into her arms.
By being independent and emotionally strong again you become the man that your women was attracted to in the first place. Find where you last left your nuts and re-attacth em!
Your girlfriend left for various reasons but one of them was because she no longer felt attracted to you. You may have become wussy and soft during your relationship.

Be The Man She Wishes You Were

It’s time to redisover your manhood and reattract the women that deserves the real you!
Treat this breakup as a sign – It’s a sign that your girlfriend is giving you a headsup regarding the man you have become.
The two of you have become soft. You have both lost your own identity because you have given so selfishly to each other.
Invest some time in rediscovering what attracted your girl to back when it was fun.

photo – Dundee Photographics
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