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The importance of casual sex
If you have a strong urge to look for a girl for sex you are not alone. This is entirely natural and these feelings should not be subdued. It’s what makes you masculine.
For many casual sex is a vital and very healthy part of their life. Many singles out there are not going to get married anytime soon and don’t get out much other than out in the weekend with friends.
During the work week life can get pretty boring and loneliness sets in pretty quick when you don’t have anyone to warm your bed for you.
So the feeling of loneliness and sexual drive together creates one hell of a cocktail of motivation…
This is for both male and females – Being lonely for too long can really damage the soul and some singles (women especially) feel that sex is a great way to get that attention.
Nobody likes to be kicking around on their lonesome self for too long – if your looking for a girl for sex and loneliness is one of the motivators realise that a brief sexual experience will only make it go away momentarily.
If you pay for a membership and start contacting every single in town that match your likely low standards it’s almost guaranteed that you will find a girl that’s exited about the prospect of meeting you for discreet sex.
Casual sex is thought by some to be vulgar and sinful but casual sex serves a very important role in society. Men cant satisfy their sexual urges with their hand alone.
Long term relationship inevitably break up and the guy is left for months on end with no women to call his own. He will eventually end up at the filthy drunk bar scene.
Hardly classy and definitely crowded with dudes… It get’s the job done for a select few guys who know how to make it happen.
The rest are thinking… WTF! I’m about to explode here.
Worse is that if your not what they would call classically handsome your almost shit out of luck. Unless you hold some sort of power of confidence it’s unlikely you will be able to pick up an attractive women. Below 5 out of 10 sure but rarely above.
Women aren’t going to just pull down their knickers for any old bum off the street… no no…
During your valiant quest to pull a girl for sex you have to create a killer profile.
One that is honest and conveys your best intentions.
Even though we use the term “pull” we are not suggesting that you manipulate or cheat anyone out of their mind.
Men have been manipulated by women for long enough – with hair extensions, push up bras, makeup and witty wordplay women are able to push all of our buttons at once and pretty much get us to do what ever they want.
Do not feel ashamed of your masculine desires – get out their and claim your prize! Women love to feel admired… Women love the attention that you will give them… Women love the process of flirting and seduction. Prolong this process as it will be one of the more enjoyable times of your time together plus it will make the sex much better.
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