Girls Are Mean… But Do We Deserve It?

Watch yourselves out there guys! Girls are meanies… but he deserved it right?

Here’s how to ruin a guys life!
Not sure why you would want to do this (if you were a girl)!
I’m pretty sure guys just do this when they are in a relationship and it’s boring. Guys are socially wired to want/need to sleep around.
Is chatting with women online in a sexual manner considered cheating? Hell no but it sure is pushing the trust limit of your relationship. It’s all good if she knows what’s going on but in most cases your gf / wife will NOT be happy with this sort of behavior. Moral of the story – think  twice before you show your face on these sites… face book as a way of making everything public!

Find his Facebook profile.Find his girlfriend.How to Ruin Someones Life
The end.How to Ruin Someones Life
But that’s mean. So don’t do it 🙂
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