Girls Want Casual Sex: Just Ask The Internet

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Hey PL – thanks for letting me share my thoughts…
Here is my story: my experiences with casual dating sites over the last couple of weeks.
As I started to receive emails from interested women my mindset and thoughts regarding the value of a casual dating sites started to change.
My whole idea of casual sex was moving toward a more open stance.
I always thought that women wanted long term relationships and security but the more interest I received within the site the more I realised that girls really do just want to have fun.
No longer do they feel bound to act in certain ways.
Women are free to enjoy casual relationships and enjoy they do. My free friend finder account was filling up with interest before my very eyes.
I did not have to contact as single women despite my initial preconceived ideas about women not wanting relationships for sex…
As women emailed me I thought of all of those guys in the bars and clubs getting denied by pretentious 19 year old girls…. I thought this because it used to be me…
I was not sure yet how sane the women emailing me really were but it sure was fun to get that initial interest. I just never thought that it would be that easy to get the casual relationship I was after…
I mean I thought that I would have had to at least pay for a subscription to these casual dating sites but I was able to reply to the emails of the women for free.
I will eventually cough up the change but at the moment it seems all to easy. I already have several numbers – one of which actually lives pretty closeby.
I think I signed up for a bit of a curious look but never expected anything to come of it… A few days later and WAM – you get emails from reasonable looking women saying
“hey… wanna meet up?”
I mean come on – where else does that happen on gods green virtual earth?
It still seems a little crazy to me you know?
I’m still thinking that these women are actually doing it for a joke or they have some hidden agenda or motive.
But then you realize that they are all PAYING gold members of casual dating sites – meaning they went through the process of registering for a casual sex site just like I did but have taken it that much further and paid to contact me.
Then you realise…
oh – women do actually want it and they do ask for it.
You just have to be in the right place at the right time with the right profile picture to spark interest. (I think my profile picture was the reason why I had such success with casual dating sites)
After you have their number it’s really up to you to close the deal but lets’ be honest the girl is the one that wants you.
She was the one that contacted me and asked to meet up.
All I am presuming I have to do is meet up and introduce myself.
This really is easy sex.
I wouldn’t have thought I would ever get an easy lay but sites like fling sure has made that myth disappear at least in my head.
I don’t understand why more guys don’t try this but then I look back on how I used to think the whole dating game worked and I get it…
Guys just don’t think they have much of a chance at getting casual sex…
They want it and they sure TRY to get it but deep down they don’t believe that the women want it…
It must be some sort of hollywood and media generalisation that has overemphasized love in initial relationships.
LOVE is absolutely essential in long term relationships but perhaps not so when it comes to meeting up short term. Well obviously not.
So how did it end?
Pretty well – some of the women that I met and are still meeting are not what I expected.
The casual dating scene attracts many interesting personalities – some that you will get on with and others that you wont.
Don’t judge and industry by the first and second encounter! Keep at it and you will find an electric casual partner for the months to come.
For me I found a couple of girls around my age that wanted to take it slow which was find by me but also were willing to experiment and really get into some cool stuff.
Your only young once and there wont be much time for all of this when you have a family and kids right.
So yeh in the end it was definitely a positive experience and an experience that is ongoing.
Women are expected and advertised to be innocent little angels however put them in different environment and they are far from it. An exiting revelation for many guys out their reading this I am sure.

  • yes girls are looking for sex online
  • yes women do email you for casual encounters
  • yes casual dating can work for guys looking for girls

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