Gold Diggers Men Women Money and Sex

An interesting topic on the doctor phil show about gold diggers and male and female motives and intentions.

It’s an interesting concept gold digging and I can’t help but sympathise with the women who say that if men are out to “get” me for sex why cant I go after them for money.

I have a feeling those women who are going after mens money without offering any emotional connection whether it be love or sex have been burnt in the past themselves.

They will have been used by men for sex to many times and are now sick of it and are getting their own back. This is why I feel for the women who are doing this but it does not make it a moral thing to do.

In the end men should be upfront about what they want out of the relationship and women should be to. If all you want out of a relationship with a girl is sex then for fucks sake go hire a prostitute you fool. Women do not want to be used by douchbags looking for a quicky IF they don’t know about it.

They will feel cheated and emotionally hurt if you come across like you want to get to know them and then never call back after the first fling.

IF the two of you are OPEN about what each person wants then by all means go ahead. I am defiantly all for open sexual relationships just as long as one person is not getting hurt.

Often times women want to be in sexual relationships with guys just for the sex so keep in mind their not the angles they seem either. BUT do NOT be the guy who hurts the innocent girl at the bar by promising your heart for a cheap night of sex.

I am 100% against what I call the male version of gold digging which is lying about your sexual intentions. All the pick up artist material posted on this site is to learn to be a more confident man so that you can find the women of your dreams.

It is not to cheat your way into a hotties pants and then leave the next day with s smug grin.

So now that’s out of the way heres why the female version of gold digging is just as bad: Gold digging is obviously when a women is openly flirty and dresses up for the occasion with no intention of connection with men but with every intention of getting money of material reward.

This is wrong because

It’s A Win Lose Deal!

When men cheat or “game” women they win and the women loses

This is the same for gold diggers, the man doesn’t get love/affection or in most cases sexual intimacy and the women gets money and material things e.g. free drinks or shoes etc.

Win lose deals will always be lose lose deals in the end because the female gold digger knows deep down they are doing wrong on the fundamental principles of nature.

So in future make every transaction with women or men WIN WIN deals. This means BOTH parties benefit from the emotional connection or financial deal or sexual meeting (whatever it may be)

Gold digging done by both men and women is wrong because not only do you have to lie and deceive but you end up taking
something that you have not earnt. This might seem fun in the present moment but over time your confidence will drop and you will feel cheap.

Whatever you gender : In the future let your motives and intentions be clear from the beginning.