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Great Expectations Dating
We do not recommend using great expectations dating service because of this lawsuit filed against them:
The suit is seeking refunds for consumers and financial penalties against the company.
The Attorney General’s office alleged that Great Expectations:
• Misrepresented to consumers the overall number of participating members and members in certain age groups.
• Told consumers that two to three marriages occurred among members every month when it had no credible basis for such statements.
• Misrepresented to consumers that it had conducted a criminal background check on all of its members.
• Used high-pressure sales tactics that included sales representatives urging consumers to contact their credit card companies to get an increased credit limit to pay for a membership.

• Showed potential new members written profiles and photographs of people they said were Great
This is what the site has to say about itself:
Great expectations has over 30 years experience hooking people up using local get togethers and groups. They say that they offer a better and safer dating experience by:
Screening all greatexpectations members and validating information:
According to the lawsuit filed against them they do not screen people.
Great expectations also suggest that they meet every single member in person which is a pretty big ask.
Great also boast current photos of users so that every single on their site is who they say they are.
Once you sign up to great expectations you get invited to exclusive member events in your area. However I don’t think that the site is actually big enough to hold local parties and events across America so if they do exist you are going to need to travel to the event.
The membership fees are substantial as great expectations boast excellent public service and attention to detail.
We do not suggest you sign up for this dating site!

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