How To Get The Girl: Attract The Woman Of Your Dreams

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According to it doesn’t matter if your 18 or 80… It doesn’t even matter if your bald, fat and have a low paying job. Heck even if you have NO job at all you can still get the girl.

If I new a place where you could learn the secrets to getting young beautiful women unknowingly but ethically attracted to you would you be interested?
With frightening regularity and irrespective of your current situation or looks YOU can have cute young women fighting for YOUR attention and admiration.

How To Get The Girl

how to get the girl
A I understand that this is a bold claim and in the next few minutes I will prove to you that by utilising the iron laws of physical attraction you can have the woman of your dreams. This will take some effort on your part and even some rejection…

Remember:  How To Get The Girl

I haven’t said that in 3 short minute you can be in bed with a playboy bunny (that’s ridiculous). But I have stated that YOU have the power to attract any women you choose once you know the formula of attraction. The reason why this disparity even exists is because human emotion is irrational.

Attraction is more of a science than an art from and if you understand how women are attracted to men you can then use it to your advantage.
According to guy gets girl ALL women are hard wired to follow a set of unwritten rules of attraction.

They have no choice in the matter because the attraction they feel for certain men that emit the right signals is controlled by their subconscious mind.

Have you ever been told that you were loved by a woman? Have you ever been in a relationship that was going great and then suddenly… out of the blue she changes her mind and no longer “feels” anything for you? All of those love notes and nights of passion now mean nothing…

Well the truth is that she IS telling the truth. She did love you and (almost overnight) she realised that she no longer felt anything for you anymore… Whats the point? The attraction she felt for you was not controlled by her conscious mind – even if she WANTED to be attracted to you she couldn’t.

The point is that we can reverse engineer this whole process of attraction. We can hack into the human mind and literally FORCE hot women to love you against their will! Imagine that – attractive women who consciously do not want to go out with you but unconsciously are magnetically attracted to you and have no other choice but to ask you out.

The science behind attraction is genius but it takes some practice and you actually have to DO something to get these women into bed. You actually have to get out of your room and put some simple steps into practice… Sounds fair right?

With a unique system you can trigger ALL of the emotional attraction switches in the female mind within 7 minutes. IF you get this good you will have the power to get any women in bed (or in love with you) in any situation.
This doesn’t require you to fake a personality or be someone that your not but you will have to become the guy that women are attracted to! Think of it like a self development growth programme where not only do you get the girl but you also grow in every other area of your life to.

 How To Get The Girl: It’s as simple as this…

Women make decisions based on feelings. Women deny logic and date men that are poor, ugly (bottom 20%), and downright nasty…

This means if you do and say certain things to any women whether they be married or a swimsuit model they will have no choice but to be attracted to you.

Whether they take things further is another story altogether but getting to the attraction stage is literally 99% of battle.

Once a women is receiving the right signals from a man they will do what it takes to win him over. Women have a genius way of getting what they want as you may already know. Once you get to this stage all you have to do is sit back and let them come.

You do not chase, beg or plead for women to date you! It’s all about attracting women to your door and then picking the women of your dreams.

So few men truly understand the secrets and methods of attraction. They might think they are “players” but they always end up with the rags and hussy’s at the end of the night.

They try too hard and get to little because they never took the time to learn the system on how to get the girl.

Once you have the key you can be the guy who casually walks into the bar and chooses who HE wants to take home. Everybody else knows immediately who this man is and are powerless to stop him. He knows what he wants, women want him and men want to be him.

This system is not a few silly one liners but a complete overhaul of your current beliefs about women and attraction. Once you unlock the safe your life will never be the same again.

Whether you want to sleep with a different women every week or find your one true love the attraction techniques within guy gets girl will change your life. But as I said before you will have to be willing to change some aspects of your personality if you want to make this work.

You will have to spend a little time reading and practicing the material on how to get the girl. Like anything in life that is in demand it will take a little bit of effort to pull off. But the effort is all worth it and MUCH less than the huge payoff you will receive from learning this material.

Did you like the tips on how to get the girl you like?

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