Guys Answer 6 Sex Questions Girls Want To Know

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What are guys thinking during sex?

Yeh I guess it’s trying to get lost in the moment, if it’s great sex then thats easy, usually at the start it’s amazing and your trying to keep that feeling by switching positions to find other great feels. Performance: Especially when you are new to sex you want to know the women is enjoying it so she will come back for more and not reject you, there is a big performance stigma to sex as a guy I think. It’s like your competing against every other guy she has been with. If the sex is really bad  you could be thinking about all kinds of shit, or your just trying to cum quickly so you can get back to whatever you were doing before you were interrupted.

What makes a girl good in bed?

Sexy , adventurous, not loose, clean and smells good, chemistry, comfortable with her body, not awkward, in the moment, giving, not a dam beached whale.

Whats it like to get kicked in the balls?

Extremely powerful sickening dull ache that consumes your entire lower pelvic area. Kind of paralyzing all consuming pain that stays around for to long.

What other factors can cause an erection?

Seems to be pretty random – not having had sex or masturbated for awhile almost guarantees you will wake up with one. Any kind of prolonged sexual thought obviously. You never seem to get them if your thoughts are solely on something else, like it would be pretty random if you got a boner playing sport that you were actually concentrating on pretty hard… that just doesn’t happen… But sitting in the mall or at church and no sexual thoughts on your mind and randomly you just get rouge bonered that can be annoying.

Why do guys cat call?

They are too shy nervous and lacking personal skills to approach women they feel are out of their leauge so they take the smaller risk of yelling out of a lowered piece of shit car to prove to themselves or their mates they still have balls. They actually think it makes them more masculine because they are doing something courageous like whistling… what a bore.

What does the inside of a vagina feel like?

Kind of depends who you are with, how old she is and what time of the month – it can be anything from complete gooey warm light floating heaven to gritty grindy hell.


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