10 Types of Guys Every Woman Wants

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By now you may have already noticed that some men are natural women magnets. Well this is actually true. There are men who are born with natural or have acquired traits and characteristics that women can’t resist. These men can easily pick up women for dates and get into serious relationships. Why? It’s obvious because women want them. They don’t need to put up too much effort in approaching women. In fact they don’t even have to bother doing cold approaches and using lame pickup lines. They are the type of guys who have natural born talent of seducing women. They can do it almost unconsciously.

In this article we will reveal the top 10 types of guys every woman wants. We will also try to explain why women crave for these types of men. This will make you better understand the strong and weak points of these characteristics. So if you fall into one of these categories you will know how to take advantage of it.

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10 Types of Guys Women Can’t Resist

#1. The Single Guy

Obviously the single and available guys attract women most. I don’t see the need of explaining this any further. I will just bore you with it. Let’s move on to the next.

#2. The Romantic Guy

Women want to feel they are special, appreciated, and loved. This is what the romantic guy will do. She can’t resist him because he will pamper his girl with candle lit dinners, flowers, chocolates, and romantic dances. He also tells her how he feels about her. The romantic guy is corny but let’s face it girls can’t resist them.

#3. The Confident Guy

Confidence is one of the qualities that girls look for in a guy. This type of guys knows and believes in their capacity and ability. They think and capitalize on their potential. This creates some sort of attraction. If a guy thinks and believes that he is great, girls will also think that he truly is the best. She thinks confidence is sexy that is why they can hardly resist a confident guy.

#4. The Creative Guy

This is an artistic person who has a high passion for his art. He regards his art on top of all. Girls should expect that she will be second on his priority with his art on number 1 spot. But women like to think that she inspires this artist. And she definitely likes it when he offers or dedicates his song, painting, or work of art to her.

#5. The Bad Guy

This person is rebellious with an easy go lucky attitude and is unlikely to comply with social norms. Women like to be with this person because she thinks she can influence him or transform him. This might be impossible to do but still they are enticed with the challenge of transforming him for the better because.

Some women also want to be with her because she is equally free spirited. They want to live a life of adventure, free from the worries of the likely consequence of their actions because they want to live for the moment. Women who have gone tired and broken up with the good guy type of man would want to get tangled with this type of guys.

#6. The Intellectual and Funny Guy

These types of guys are academically oriented. Most of this has a college or university degree while some have a master or PhD diploma. They can crack good and intelligent jokes. They are very reasonable. They can be cheesy and romantic but you know he is doing it for a reason. He plans and makes schemes. Women like to be with these guys because they are fun to be with at least intellectually. They like to engage in conversation about politics, finance, psychology, etc.  Another thing why women like them is the fact that she can reason with him.

 #7. The Chivalrous Type Guy

Don’t make a mistake of labeling the gentleman type of guys as the good guys as oppose to what is mentioned in # 5. They can be any of the types we have here but have a special way of treating women.

He is understanding and sensitive. He is also very well mannered trained by his mama. He opens the door for her, pull out her chair and get her seated. He walks beside or behind her on the street. He holds her umbrella and carries her bag. He may seem the guy from the 19th century but she like him.

#8. The Charismatic Guy

This guy has the ability to attract attention and command action. He is nice to be with and you can’t explain why. Women like the charismatic type of men because they seem to be strange, unique, and interesting. She craves for him because she desires to uncover him.

#9. The Knight in Shining Armor Guy

He is the hero type. This type of guy will do everything to keep her safe and will die for her if needed be. He is always there for her to save you her honor, dignity, and life. I think you already know why women will like you.
#10. The Jack of All Trades Guy

This is the perfect guy. He seems to have every bit of the characteristics mentioned above. These guys have the greatest potential of being a player. But not everyone can be like him.

Just a word of advice. Don’t try to fake being one of these guys. Girls will know it sooner or later. What you should do is analyze these traits. Find out which of the types or traits you may want to adopt and feel comfortable with. That should be the point where you should capitalize your efforts.

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