HACKED: Online Cheating Site AshleyMadison.com User Info Leak

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Seems like every month we hear about more sites getting hacked and private user info leaks…

I remember reading something a few years ago predicting this and much worse and it seems to be coming true.

It would really hit home for me if a site like google and facebook were hacked with all user info leaked from gmail accounts to facebook conversations… Hopefully that will never happen.

In this case it’s Karam is a bitch… you cheat and lie on your loving partner and now what you have been up to may be leaked to the world. This could include all conversations which could be extremely damaging to some high profile people. They’re threatening to release that data unless the website is closed down.

The Impact Team said it has the details, naked selfies and sexual fantasies of 37 million people, including up to 1million Brits, on Ashley Madison.

So I would again suggest this: anything you upload to a server has the potential to be hacked and leaked to the public. Some sites it very easy to hack it and leak it. Other sites are super secure and based on secret chats which are yet to be hacked so can be assumed to be safe (telegram chat).

In the case of fckme pretty much everything is public and if you don’t want to show your face simply only upload pictures of your body.

Do you have an ashleymadison account? What did you say on it and did you upload images of your face?



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