Has Snapchat made it safe to send dick pics?


Snapchat Basics

According to Statista.com, 86% of Snapchat users are 34 years of age or younger. A whopping 60% of users are 24 years of age or younger. It’s understandable why Snapchat is less popular with higher age groups. With family and work occupying most of our time, it’s all we can do to sneak a peek at Facebook and maybe Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. But Snapchat? Our real lives and digital lives couldn’t handle another social media application.

However, if you have ever sent a nude selfie or dick pic (or video for that matter) and, after coming to your senses, regretted the decision and wished you could undo it, Snapchat is exactly what you need.

This is because Snapchat has a feature which allows you to determine the “life” of the “snap.” That is, whatever you send will only be available to the person you send it to for a preset amount of time. It could be as little as 1 second or as long as 10 seconds. Here is a “how-to” guide for adults from BuzzFeed.

Why Do We Really Send Nudies and Dick Pics?

Let’s face it, nude selfies are a means to an end. Sure, there are tons of articles out there about the psychology of sending a nude selfie usually suggesting that people are giving in to peer pressure and how they think sending nude selfies and dick pics is the “norm.” Here is a great example of this in an article aptly titled “The Psychology Behind the Naked Selfie.”

That might be true for a younger generation, but for an older generation, possibly the generation that has yet to discover Snapchat, hence, the purpose of this article, nude selfies and dick pics are more likely meant to accomplish one of two things: either we just get off on other people seeing us naked or, we hope they see something they like and might want to see it in person.

Actually, there are number of other reasons why both men and women send nude selfies. YourTango lists several reasons why men do it, and almost all of them are some sort of payout, while EliteDaily lists three reasons why women will never stop sending selfies. Which is of course great news for guys.

Like Anything, there are Drawbacks

According to Snapchat, now, as a company, known as simply “Snap”, co-founder Evan Spiegel, the application was not developed with “sexting” in mind. Instead, he believed that Snapchat “makes communication a lot more human and natural.”

Snapchat has been around for 5 years and it does include features that could be considered an indication that the app is definitely not intended just for sexting. Since its inception, the app included a feature which allowed a user to take a screenshot via the app. In effect, preserving your otherwise temporary pic or video. It should be noted that if the receiver of your dick pic takes a screenshot, you will be notified.

Snapchat has included, via an update, a $0.99 fee per picture if a user wishes to “retrieve” an expired image. We may never know if the developers intended to make an application specifically for sexting. If that was true, there have been efforts to shed that image.

Also relevant is the fact that there are other applications that can be downloaded which are supposed to preserve an image sent on Snapchat. Finally, jailbroken phones can be rigged so that they are capable of keeping images without the sender knowing.

It’s Still Really Useful

Even will all of that in mind, if you are going to send nude pics or dick pics, then it’s still your best bet. Most casual users are not going to be using a jailbroken phone nor are they likely to have downloaded a completely separate application for the sole purpose of keeping your pic.

This means that post of your pics are going to be exactly what you expect when using Snapchat – temporary. For a lot of nude selfie senders, there can be a reluctance to send a pic that includes your face. According to the ever helpful Washington Post and the article, “A Guide to Safe Sexting,” this is the first step to safe sexting.

However, the temporary nature of Snapchat pics can help to make you at least slightly less reluctant to include your face. Something that might make the receiver of your pic happy. This is crucial as many dick pics intended to result in a real-life meetup, might require a face to go along with the erection to verify a certain degree of attractiveness. Who can blame them really?

Furthermore, as with nearly any other social media-like application, you can add existing contacts to your Snapchat account with a click of a button. Therefore, if you already have your intended target in your contacts, adding them in Snapchat is a cinch and you’re halfway to sending your first dick pic on Snapchat.

Here are a few things to consider when sending dick pics via Snapchat:

  • Use a short time limit initially – If trust is limited, and it should be if you are sending your first dick pic or nude selfie, keep the time limit a second or two. Perhaps three. This limits the likelihood that they can maneuver to the feature that allows them to screenshot your pic. After you have established some trust, then consider sending something that will last longer.
  • One strike rule with screenshots – If the receiver of your pic or video does happen to use Snapchat to take a screenshot, cut them off immediately. This might be difficult to do in the moment but consider it a sign that they cannot be trusted.
  • Don’t take screenshots either – If you’re lucky enough to get a nude pic in return, don’t screenshot it, at least not with the app. Doing so might make her suspicious and she’ll be more likely to screenshot your app and possibly, but hopefully not, share it with others. Unless, you consider that a good thing, and it might be.

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