HEALTHY IS HOT: Lose Belly Fat + Attract Women The Easy Way

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I’m sure you have seen these ads EVERYWHERE right?

The value of being healthy and how it can help you date any women you desire… and WOMEN know this to! That’s why they are always on the lookout for the latest diet trick or tip to help them get rid of that stubborn fat on their belly… Turns out their is no trick – you just have to follow some simple tested methods for loosing weight!
They say women are not that interested in looks and would rather a guy that can make them laugh… Personality is everything but let’s take a closer look at by your HEALTH is VITAL to your success with women.
Become that healthy guy you always wanted to be and the women will have no choice but to be attracted to you.

  • When you are healthy you are energetic
  • When you are healthy you have youthful enthusiasm
  • When you are health you shine and transmit a “glow”

When you are UNHEALTHY nobody is interested in hanging around you – you sniff and cough and complain about life. You think that the next cigarette with calm your nerves but it only makes them worse… That glass of wine soon puts you to sleep only to leave you with a groggy feeling in the morning…

  • Wouldn’t you rather be FULL of energy?
  • Wouldn’t you rather jump out of bed ready to attack the day with vigour
  • Wouldn’t you rather be happy?

You shouldn’t need the motivation of attracting the opposite sex to want to become the healthiest and most fit you can be… there are so many other benefits that you are already aware of.
Yes… having ripped abs and a vibrant smile can get you just about all the way with women… but there is also the confidence and happiness you get as a result of it affecting every other area of you life.
Get HEALTHY quick start guide (*easier said than done)
1 – if you smoke or take any sort of drug – give it up NOW
The first 2 months are going to be really rough but if you can muster enough will power to get over the initial 60 days of NO caffeine , alcohol or nicotine you will THANK me for it…
MANY times, thoughts of “this is NOT worth it” will pop into your head…
I am hear to tell you that it IS worth it in the long run
2 – Start a raw food diet  routine
Rather than think of it as a diet , start to think of it as a new routine that you will enjoy and live with for the rest of your life… Chocolate is allowed every now and then + you are allowed the odd pig out but you MAIN meals should consist of raw foods…
My raw food diet does not allow ANY processed food.(anything that comes packaged up)
It all starts at the supermarket! But lots of vegetables, fruit and canned tuna/salmon/ chickpeas, beans, lentils and grains…
Instead of sugar laden cereal for breakfast why not a fried egg on it’s own with fresh beans tomatoes and chickpeas? Add a ton of oil if you need to just stay away from all of that sugar.
Mixed grills are FINE just don’t add the processed hash browns or soak it tomato sauce.
Instead of sandwiches or pies for lunch why not a can of tuna? Yeh it’ll taste horrible for the first few days but you will FEEL so much better. Keep in mind your still allowed to smash a bag of chips just keep it to ONE bag!
The key is to adopt this new lifestyle slowly so you don’t get scared away to soon and go back to a pie and coke + takeout as a lifestyle choice meal every night.
Advancement in health does take some sacrifices but I think that good quality food can taste better than anything else… you just need to give yourself the time to get used to it.
3 – Get ACTIVE
You will be amazed at how good and happy you feel once you start being active every day… All it takes is 15-20 minutes of exercise on a daily basis for your spirits to rise and then soar!
Do whatever you have to do to get your heart rate up.. .Biking walking jogging, playing sport having sex! Just get it up there for an extended period of time.
Being healthy is a real “no brainier” but folks that are all caught up in the daily grind and stress of life can start to place less importance on their health. It only takes a little organisation for you to take control or your health and your life.
It really is ONE decision – and it starts at the food market… Do I buy that fatty processed food that is easy… Or do I learn to cook good healthy raw food?
Your choice.
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