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Online dating has made hooking up easier than ever before. You don’t have to spend your Saturday night at the bar trying to find a woman to take home. You can find a woman online, and hookup tonight.

There are three keys to hooking up with a woman tonight. First, you have to look in the right place. This means using a dating site or app that has lots of women looking for a hookup.

Second, you’ll need to quickly determine which girls are dtf, so that you aren’t wasting your time on a girl who isn’t looking for a hookup. Third, you’ll need to know how to get a girl from stranger to sex partner.

Best Hookup Apps of 2017

The first part of being successful in finding an online hookup tonight is using the right tool for the job, or the right app for your needs. If you are wondering where to find an online hookup, these are the best hookup apps to use in 2017.


Tinder is still considered the app for hooking up. There are 50 million active users, and users spend an average of 90 minutes a day on the app. It gives you a huge userbase of people to choose from. Even better, you’ll see people near you who are most likely looking for a hookup. Tinder offers premium features, but the basic functions are still free.

Everyone has heard of Tinder these days, and chances are you are already using it. So, we’ll skip to the things that you may not be aware of on Tinder. First, Tinder is about the photos. Your Tinder profile photo should be a picture of just you. Preferably looking down and away from the camera and not smiling.

You can also use a filter to stand out, as long as its tastefully done. This pose in black and white can look very cool, and add interest to your photo. You’ll want to add more photos as well. Be sure to follow the photo tips.

Keep your bio short and light. The vibe on Tinder is fun and lighthearted. It’s the perfect place for an amusing bio. At the very least, don’t write anything negative in your Tinder bio.

Things move quickly on Tinder. When you begin messaging with someone, get to the point (asking her out) quickly. If you don’t she will lose interest and move on to the next match.


The advantage and possible disadvantage of Pure is that you have a 60-minute window to match with someone and make a date. Your profile and photo will be live on the app for one hour. After that, it disappears.

When you match with someone, you have one hour from the time you match to chat. This can be very effective for helping you find a woman for one night. Everyone on the app is looking for sex tonight.

It’s easy to use. Just upload a photo and swipe through potential matches like you do on Tinder. You’ll see their photo and distance from you. If you match, a chat window opens up.

The problem with Pure is that it can be difficult to find someone to match with given the smaller user base and limited time frame. It’s popular in New York City, London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco. If you live in a rural area, you aren’t likely to find any matches on Pure.


Blendr is one of the most popular dating apps among women. It’s also simple to use, which makes it ideal for quick hookups. It’s also location based, so you will see people near your location.

Signing up for Blendr is quick and easy. You can sign up with Facebook or your email account. You’ll be asked to complete your profile. You’ll write an about me, choose a few things that you like, and enter the standard information about physical attributes, whether you want kids, etc.

One thing that stands out about Blendr is that you can upload videos as well as photos. This is a great way to build trust and show your personality. You can also verify your photos, which builds trust as well.

There are two basic ways to find women to hookup with on Blendr. First, you can go to Encounters. This works like Tinder. You’ll see someone’s photo, first name, and age. You’ll swipe left or right.

The second way is to choose people nearby. This will show you lots of people’s photos at one time. Tap a photo to see their profile. From there you can like them or send them a message. If you choose like, you’ll be notified if they like you back.

Blendr is a great Tinder alternative. Of course, there’s no reason not to use both. Just keep in mind that not everyone on Blendr is looking for a hookup. You’ll find lots of people there that are looking for a relationship as well.

Ok Cupid

Ok Cupid has a huge userbase. One million people install the app each week, there are approximately 100,000 users online at any given time, and over 7 million messages sent each day.

Another upside to using Ok Cupid is that it’s one of the few apps that allow you to select hookup as the type of relationship you are looking for. You can also select new friends and short-term dating. Choosing all three of these options can increase your chance of success.

It’s actually easy to find women on Ok Cupid that are looking for a hookup and say so right on their profile, which takes a lot of guesswork out of it. The signup process can be a bit lengthy, but it’s worth it. Ok Cupid is a gold mine of women looking for sex.

Once you are signed up, Ok Cupid will show you your matches. When you view a match, you can select like, pass, or send them a message. You can sort your matches by match %, distance, and last online. You can play Double Take as well, which is basically the site’s version of Tinder.

Since Ok Cupid has such a large user base, there’s a lot of competition. Girls on Ok Cupid get a ton of messages. To succeed on the site, be sure that your first message stands out. More on that here.


If you haven’t downloaded Tingle on your phone yet, do it now. Tingle is an app for dating and hooking up that are geared towards women. This is good for you, because the more women are there, the more options you have. It’s essentially a better thought out less seedy version of Tinder. Not everyone on Tingle is looking for a one night stand, but the majority are.

You’ll need a Facebook account to signup for Tingle. Once you are signed up, you’ll add photos to your account through your Facebook profile. This is supposed to cut down on catfishing.

You’ll see matches based on your location. You’ll swipe for like or pass, just like Tinder. You can also swipe to view more photos or read their profile. What makes Tingle stand out is that you can audio or video chat right on the app.

90% of communication is nonverbal. This means when you are chatting through text, you are only communicating at 10%. With voice chat, you get changes in tone and other subtle cues that help you communicate. With video chat, you are able to add in facial expressions as well.

Communicating in these ways builds trust, which is crucial if you want to hookup with a girl. Use the Tingle app, match with a girl, move to video chat, and then ask her out on a date.

Tingle is available for Android and Apple devices. The app is free to use, but you’ll need to buy credits to voice or video chat. It’s well worth it to protect your privacy and communicate with beautiful women.


We’ve all done it. You’ve drunk one too many shots, and now you are browsing your Facebook in search of a hookup. Of course, this can end up being embarrassing if the attraction isn’t mutual. If it’s someone that you see occasionally in your everyday life, it’s even more of a problem.

Down was essentially created to be your Facebook wingman. It takes the shame out of finding partners online, and helps you hookup with people you already know. Sort of.

You’ll sign up for Down by linking your Facebook account. Down is even more photo-centric than Tinder, so be sure to choose your profile photo wisely. It’s your ticket to getting down.

Down matches you with friends and friends of your friends on Facebook. It also matches you with other people that the app thinks you would be interested in, so you aren’t just limited to your friend’s list. Over time, the app claims to learn who you like and send you more curated matches each day.

You’ll swipe through photos. You’ll see the person’s first name, age, and any mutual friends you might have. With Down, you have the option to choose “get down” “go on a date” or pass. Interestingly, women choose “get down” more than men do, with 75% of women wanting to get down with the guys they like.

Others will only see that you like them if you match. If one of you selected Get Down and the other selected Go on A Date, you’ll still match. The app will notify you that your intentions didn’t match, and suggest you chat about it.

If you want to get down with someone who doesn’t have the app, you can send them an anonymous invitation. They won’t know who invited them unless they sign up and match with you.

The best part is that Down allows you to make your intentions perfectly clear. You don’t have to wonder if the other person wants a relationship or a hookup. It’s clear from the moment you match with them.

Down has over 4 million users. This is a smaller userbase. However, over half of the matches on Down result in real life meetups. How many times have you matched with someone and have it result in you hooking up with the person? I’m guessing it’s a lot lower than 50%. This alone makes Down worth the Download.


If you want to find a female partner for a kinky one-night hookup, Whiplr is the place to find it. It’s much more than just another hookup app. It’s an online social community for anyone who has fetishes or enjoys kinky sex. It’s a voice and video chat app. It’s also an app where you can find someone to satisfy your specific kink, from mild to wild.

Signing up for Whiplr takes a little time. You’ll enter the standard basic information and upload a photo. You’ll select from an impressive list of sexual orientations. Now, the fun begins.

You’ll choose your kinks from an extensive list of options. This includes BDSM, cuckolding, feet, impact play, latex, group sex, and much more. You can select your kinks by tapping on the picture of the kink. Tapping more kinks will take you to a full list of kinks. You can browse them alphabetically or search for your favorites.

Once you’ve completed this step, select edit profile. Here you can tell more about yourself and what you are looking for.  It focuses on the sexual aspects, which makes it perfect for finding a compatible hookup partner.

You’ll write about what you are like “unleashed”. You can select what you are looking for from a list of options including online play, master/slave, friendship, and play partner. You can select your preferred role and your experience level as well.

Before you begin browsing profiles, you may want to select your preferences. These can include kinks, age range, location, body type, and more. Select whipsters to view profiles.

Tap a photo to see their profile. You can send them a message, grant them access to your private photos, and add them to your favorites here. You can also write a note on their profile that’s only visible to you. This can come in really handy, particularly when you are chatting with several girls at once.

You can join groups as well. Some groups are open to everyone, and some require an invitation to join. This is a great way to connect with others with a similar interest and find a female partner.

If you have kinks or fetishes, Whiplr is a must have hookup app. You’ll find open-minded people, and everyone is very clear about what they enjoy sexually. If you are completely vanilla, you will do better with a mainstream app like Tinder.


POF is one of the oldest free dating websites. It claims to have 90 million users and 50,000 people signing up each day. Every day 4 million people log on to POF. This huge user base makes it a good place to find partners online.

POF functions like a traditional dating site. You’ll create a profile, upload photos, and search for other members. You can also take personality tests. These tests are actually insightful. They can help you learn more about yourself and what you are looking for in a relationship.

When you view someone’s profile, you’ll see their test results as well. If you’ve both taken the test, it will give you a compatibility percentage. Of course, this isn’t really relevant if you are looking for a woman for a one night stand.

What is relevant is the search feature. One of the relationship options on POF is wants to date but nothing serious. This is a great way to say I’m just looking for casual sex without coming right out and saying it. Women are comfortable selecting this option. You can also search based on anything from age to personality traits, so you can find the type of girl you are looking for quickly and easily.

The large userbase also means that there’s lots of competition. This means you’ll need to stand out from the competition. You’ll need a good profile. However, what’s the most important is your username and profile photo.

Women are more likely to wait for you to message them than to make the first move and search for your profile and send you a message. So the first message you send a girl is likely to be your first interaction with her.

When she sees your message, she will see your photo, username, and when the message was sent. If your photo and username don’t appeal to her, she’ll never even read your message, much less read your profile.

Women are bombarded with messages, particularly on free dating sites. Post a profile picture that’s unique and flattering and take some time to create your username. This will greatly increase your odds of hooking up with a girl on POF.

Is She Looking for a Hookup

The bad news is that very few girls will come right out and say they are just looking for a hookup on their profile. The good news is that it’s easy to tell whether or not they are looking for a hookup if you know what to look for.

The Profile Picture

A picture is worth a thousand words. The profile picture is likely the first thing you will notice about a girl online, and on apps like Tinder, it’s basically all you have to go on before you swipe left or right.

If her profile picture is revealing or sexually suggestive, chances are she’s looking for sex. If she is in a bikini, showing cleavage, or giving a “have sex with me” look, you are good to go.

What she’s doing is another important indication. Is she partying? Having fun at the beach? Reading a book? Cooking? The first two indicate a girl looking for sex, while the second two imply she’s looking for something domestic.

If she has family and friends in her profile picture or looks more conservative, she is likely looking for a relationship. You’ll find your gut instincts will serve you well here.

What’s your first thought when you look at her picture? Is your first thought something sexual or more platonic? Does she look like girlfriend material or one night stand material?

Sexy Photo vs. Conservative Photo

The girl on the left is clearly looking for sex. She’s wearing sexy lingerie and laying in bed. Her facial expression says “get in bed with me”. The girl on the right has a wholesome smile. She isn’t revealing her body. The focus is on her face (personality) instead of her body. She’s saying “I’m a nice girl looking for love. Get to know me.”

 Reading Between The Lines

What a woman says in her profile is also an indication of whether or not she wants to hook up. First, you should know that when a woman says she isn’t looking for a hookup on her profile, it doesn’t mean she’s not looking for a hookup.

In many cases, it simply means that she is looking for a hookup, but she doesn’t want to look like a slut. This means you’ll need to give her plausible deniability, which we will discuss more in a bit. So what should you look for in her profile?

Here are the top keyword phrases that indicate she’s looking for a hookup:

  • Just looking for friends
  • Looking for fun
  • No games
  • I’m open minded
  • Not looking for commitment
  • I want to try new things
  • I’m outgoing
  • Want to date but nothing serious

Some of these phrases are pretty obvious. If she says she wants to date but nothing serious or she isn’t looking for a commitment, it’s pretty obvious that she’s up for a one night stand.

When she says she’s just looking for friends, what she really means is that she’s looking for a fuck buddy. When she says she doesn’t want games, she means that she wants a man with enough courage to be clear about what he’s after. Being open-minded and wanting to try new things are code for I’m kinky and up for anything.

Plausible Deniability

You may be wondering why women can’t just come out and let you know what they are looking for. Life would be much easier if women would be clear about their intentions. However, women have an image to maintain. Women who have sex just for the fun of it are still viewed as sluts, and women can be absolutely brutal to each other.

Many times, women don’t even realize what they want. They want to have no strings attached sex, but they won’t admit it, even to themselves. This is where plausible deniability comes in.

Plausible deniability means the woman can pretend that she didn’t intend to have sex with you. It just happened. You went out for a drink and then invited her back to your place to watch a movie, meet your dog, or share a bottle of wine. Maybe you have a pool/ping pong/air hockey table and want to teach her to play. Maybe you think it would be nice to go to your place so you can talk without having to scream to be heard over the music.

Pretty much any reason will do, as long as the reason isn’t sex. If she asks, reassure her that you aren’t inviting her over for sex. You could be humorous, and say “what kind of guy do you take me for”, or “I’m more than just a sex object”. Or give her a charming smile and repeat the reason you’ve given her.

You: Would you like to come to my place and watch (specific show).

Girl: I don’t know. I don’t know you that well.

You: We can get to know each other better while we are watching (insert show)

Girl: I think you just want to get in my pants

You: I’m more than just a sex object. I never give it up on the first date or No. You seem like a cool girl that I’d like to get to know better. Thought we could watch (insert show) and talk.

Either way, you should keep your attitude cool, confident, and charming. Give her a charming “would I lie to you smile”.

 This is not being dishonest. You both know what will happen when you get back to your place. She just needs to be able to pretend she didn’t know. Girls should always be able to recount your hookup story and say “it just happened”.

Scenario A. You meet her online. You invite her to your place with the clear intention of having sex. No plausible deniability. She sleeps with you. The next day, she feels guilty about it. She feels like a slut. She’s embarrassed to tell her friends about the awesome sex you had, because she acted like a slut.

Scenario B. You meet her online. You go out for coffee. You invite her back to your place because you’ve been practicing mixology and you’d like her to try your signature drink. This gives her plausible deniability. She feels positive about the experience, and the next day she tells her girlfriend:

“We went out for coffee, and we really hit it off well. He invited me to his place to try this new drink he invented. He was teaching me how to make it, and then we started kissing. After that, it just happened. I had a great time. I hope he calls me again.”

There are exceptions to this rule. There’s the occasional girl who will be very open about her desire to hook up. She will select no strings attached sex or something similar for her desired relationship. She will tell you she’s just looking for sex in her profile, or at the very least say no games. These women have no need for plausible deniability, and they will feel like you are insulting their intelligence if you offer it to them.

Keep in mind this makes up maybe 10% of the women you’ll meet online that are looking for a hookup. Most women need plausible deniability. The ones that don’t are very obvious. They are likely to come on to you, or at least drop lots of hints and sexual innuendo that let you know what she wants.

Your Profile

Your profile and photos are essential to your online dating success. We won’t go in depth here, but I will give you some quick tips.

First, come up with an interesting username. Something that is easy to remember, says something about you, and evokes positive emotions for the girl. Stay away from anything sexually suggestive, immature, or violent.  Come up with something interesting, instead of your name and random numbers.

Photo Tips

When it comes to your profile photo, your main picture should have you looking down and away from the camera not smiling. It should look like a candid shot. Maybe you were reaching for your jacket or phone and someone just happened to snap the picture.

You’ll also want at least three profile photos. You can go up to six if you have that many flattering photos. One should be a full body shot, and one should include you with a group of friends. One should also be of you doing something fun or exciting. Stay away from selfies. Period. Women don’t find them attractive.

Profile Tips

Keep a little mystery in your profile. Don’t’ reveal too much about yourself. You can add keywords as well. The top descriptive keywords for men are physically fit, perceptive, spontaneous, outgoing, and optimistic. The top activity keywords are surfing, exercise, dancing, and cooking.

Tell a secret or admit to a weakness. This builds trust and lets a woman know that you are a real guy. Do not write the “everything is rosy, I like long walks on the beach” profile that most guys right. You can say, my biggest fault is that I work too much, or I have a real weakness for chocolate cake. Neither of these are necessarily bad things, but it feels like you are sharing something really personal.

These profile tips are all geared towards building interest and trust. To find a woman for one night, all your interactions with her should build trust, including your profile and photos.

Steps to Seduction

Any time you interact with a woman for purposes of sex or a relationship, you’ll use the seduction steps. You already use them in some form, even if you don’t realize it.

When you are looking for a woman to hookup with online, the steps go like this.

  1. Find a woman who is interested in hooking up with you
  2. Build trust and attraction quickly
  3. Get her number
  4. Arrange to meet up

Build Trust and Interest Quickly

You’ve used the tips above and found a woman who is clearly interested in hooking up. If you’ve matched with her, the hard work is already done. She already likes you. Regardless of whether or not you’ve matched, your first message will determine whether or not she will sleep with you.

Yes. Your profile, photos, and your first message will determine whether or not she will sleep with you. If she responds to your first message, she is willing to sleep with you. Your job is to not screw it up.

Whatever you do, don’t send a generic first message. A study done on Tinder followed the messages hot girls received on Tinder. 50% of their matches didn’t send any message at all. 50% of men wasted an opportunity to hookup with a hot girl because they simply didn’t make an effort.

30% of men sent a generic message like “hey, how are you, how are you doing”. Only 14% of men took the time to send a unique opening message. So, sending a unique message automatically puts you in the top 14% of men that she’s matched with, eliminating 76% of your competition.

Sending the right unique message will narrow your competition down even further. Look at her profile and photos. You should be able to find something she is interested in or enjoys doing. Send a message based on that. 

Profiles on Tinder are extremely minimal. The photo above is an example of a girl’s Tinder profile. Her photo indicates that she wants to hookup. Her text says that she’s in a relationship and looking for a fling while she’s on vacation. When you are trying to find a female partner to have a fling with, this is exactly the type of girl you want.

She is in Florida on spring break. The obvious first message would be, “So are you enjoying spring break” or “what’s your favorite thing about Florida”. We are going to stand out from the crowd and put a little thought into our message. So, the optimal opening message is “What are you studying in college”.

First, this shows that you actually read her profile. Second, it shows that you are intelligent enough to draw conclusions (she is going to college) from what you read. This shows intelligence, which is very attractive to women. Third, it shows that you are creative and willing to make a little effort without going overboard.

Putting a little effort into your message indicates that you will put forth effort in other areas (in the bedroom) as well. Congratulations. You’ve just become the most interesting man she’s likely to meet on Tinder. With one message.

Once you’ve sent the first message and she’s responded, you are in the rapport phase. To hookup with a girl tonight, you’ll need to build rapport quickly. One way to build rapport is to ask her a probing question. This means a question that makes her think and gets her emotionally involved.

  • If you had to have a tattoo, what would it be? Where would it be?
  • You can pick your parents from any point in time, either real or fictional. Who are they?
  • If you could be any animal, what would you be? Why?

Questions like these get her to open up to you. This naturally leads to her trusting you and building a connection with you. If she’s reluctant to open up, you answer the question first. This creates connection and trust as well.

Building Attraction

You’ll want to start building attraction with her from the beginning of the conversation. One way to do this is to use everyday words that will turn her on. Wet, Deep, Inside, Mouth, and Hard. These words can all be used in a sexual context. However, even when you use them in an everyday way, the girl will get turned on.

“I had a hard day at work. Then after work, it was raining, so I got wet trying to get inside the house.” This isn’t the type of sentence you want to send to a girl you just met, because it suggests a negative, mundane existence.

“One of my passions is sailing. I love it when the wet salt spray hits my lips.” Notice this sentence uses the sexy keywords to paint a picture that can be viewed as sexual. This type of sentence will make a girl’s panties wet, while you seem to be just describing one of your hobbies.

Seal the Deal

To find a female partner to take home tonight, you’re going to have to seal the deal quickly. Honestly, you should be doing this anyway. Many men end up in the friend zone or the girl just stops responding to your messages because you wait too long.

You should get off the dating site in 5-10 messages.  You can only get so far through text. Your only job when you are messaging her on a dating app is to build enough trust for her to feel comfortable going out with you.

If your profile is set up correctly, you are already halfway there. You don’t want to “get to know each other” on the app. That’s what the date is for. When you start messaging her, she will have two questions. Is he a normal, nice guy? and Where’s this going?

If you’ve built a little bit of trust and rapport, you’ve answered number one. Asking her out answers number two. If you don’t answer both of these questions quickly, you are just wasting your time. She’s already moved on to someone else.

How to Ask Her Out

You are more likely to get a yes if you suggest something public and low pressure. It takes a lot more trust for a woman to show up at your apartment than the coffee shop down the street. Once she’s met you, however, getting her back to your place is much easier.

Something like coffee or a drink also increases your chances of success, because it’s not a big time commitment.  If she doesn’t like you, she’s not wasting much time, so she doesn’t have much to lose by saying yes.

Be sure that you suggest something specific. A woman wants to know that you are capable of making decisions, and she wants to know what to expect. Ask her out for coffee or drinks at a specific place, preferably somewhere close to your home.

When you ask her, let her know that you are getting off the dating app. Suddenly you aren’t a desperate guy trying to move too fast. You are a busy guy with a life. If she doesn’t answer you now, she will miss her chance. This increases your desirability, and puts the pressure on her. So, when you ask her out, it should sound like this.

“I’ve really enjoyed talking to you. I’ve gotta go, but I would love to continue this conversation later. Would you like to meet me at Starbucks at 6 tonight for coffee?”

Simple and to the point. Suggests a specific time and place, lets her know why she’s going (coffee, not sex), and lets her know that you are only available for a limited time.

Getting a girl to consent to go out with you is a great start, but you’ve still got a way to go before she’ll sleep with you. For a step by step guide to having a one night stand with the girl you just met, check out part two, “Hookup Tonight: How to Hookup On the First Date”.

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