Hot Lonely Women Seeking Overweight Balding Man

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Did I get your attention? There is a good reason why you don’t often see that written ANYWHERE.
It’s a paradox – In todays society obesity indicates poor eating and lifestyle habits. In fact “hot lonely women” is a paradox in itself.
Hot women get hit on all day everyday – They get it easy and it frustrates them but they also dont get taken as seriously as they should. As a bigger guy who didn’t get lucky in the looks department it’s CRUCIAL that you leverage other areas of attraction.
Money is a BIG one that you can take advantage of… and you should!(think donald trump) Focus and make apparent any indication of higher value that you can portray in your everyday life. Watches, cars, clothes etc
Humor! Often bigger guys are forced into humor to shrug off the inevitable teasing throughout life. Use humor to make women laugh.
You might be thinking…
Where are all the women? The reality is that they are everywhere! Picking up groceries, going to work, partying in the weekend, playing sport. You just have to do a better job of getting out their and interacting. The more extracurriculars you have the better chance you give yourself.
Whether your on the lookout for lonely ladies for adventurous one night stands with no strings attached or a long term spiritual connection… It takes TWO to tango.
So at some stage you will have to make the decision about where to find the women you seek. Staying at home hitting up the xbox is not going to get you laid! Even though it’s fun it’s not increasing your interaction time with other people.
You might be asking yourself… Where the F&^K are all the women?
While the unattractive 40+ women are asking… where are all the young eligible and rich men?
It’s a common paradox!
Everyone is trying to shoot for the stars and land somewhere higher than they are at the moment. There is that added thrill of snagging yourself a hot women and generally a great catch.
When does aiming high stop and being unrealistic end?
Often you will find guys somewhat deluded when it comes to attracting women. They sit their with their buddies arrogantly rating women that walk by… suggesting that they would “do” her (9/10) and not her the (7/10) when they are sub par at best.
A reality check and some real face to face interaction with women is the next step for these guys.

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