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As with other dating and hookup sites, Hot Or Not starts the conversation by asking for your gender, name, DOB, and Location — the usual dating and hookup basics. It will then request for an email address that you may use to log-in to the site and a password. Upon providing an email address, it will ask you if you’re interested to receive occasional emails with special offers, free credits, and updates – allowing you opt-in into a newsletter-type system.

The first thing Hot or Not asks to complete one’s profile is to provide a display profile picture. If you don’t have any photo available from your device, they have options to easily export them via Facebook, Instagram, and Google+

An email containing the next steps to complete registration and the link to verify your account will then be sent to your registered email address. Upon clicking the verification link, you will be required to sign back in.

The next steps will require you to look at 50 pre-selected members so the website gets some sort of idea on how they’ll tailor the results and algorithm based on your taste.

Hot or Not might inconspicuously remind you about linking your Facebook profile to your Hot Or Not account, but don’t feel pressured or obligated to do so.

Verifying your account is one thing that the website highly recommends. Verification can be done by providing your mobile phone or taking a photo using your device camera in a specific pose. Also, having a verified account will allow 3-days access for Hot or Not Premium.


Majority of the user interface is occupied by your potential matches’ profile photos.

Encounters is basically what most sites call ‘Matches’, ‘Browse’, or ‘Search’. It is also where you can adjust who end up on the potential match gallery by choosing: Guys, Girl, or Both and by fine-tuning the age range.

There’s a tab that also shows people nearby just in case you’re in for a quick hookup and want someone who can do just that in the next 5 to 20 minutes.

There’s a part where you can check your messages and a tally of all the people who viewed your profile, liked you and those you listed as your favorites.

Hot Or Not operates based on member popularity so you will see a popularity rating — if you’ve just signed in your popularity will either be low, or average. So you can say that it is just like high school all over again.

Clicking on your profile photo or your name will bring you to your space where you can change all the details that you would like to include or omit from your profile. From interests, and preferences to work and education, you can control over what you’re willing to share to the world here.

Hot Or Not, however, doesn’t make completing one’s profile a very important of the sign-up process — so this is totally optional.


Since your ‘hotness’ and ‘notness’ is gauged by your popularity, they have ways for you to increase your popularity. You can do this through:

  1. A credits refill
  2. Hot or Not premium subscription
  3. Being on the Featured Members

To be added on the Hot or Not Featured Members, you must have enough credits to buy the Featured Member space. Each space costs 100 credits. Credits refill are available for:

  • $1.50 for 100 credits
  • $6.50 for 550 credits
  • $12.50 for 1,250 credits
  • $25.00 for 2,750 credits


There are various ways that Hot Or Not enables its members to get the most of their services – some of which, for a price.

Being a premium Hot Or Not member has its perks that include:

  • Ability to undo “No” votes to profiles
  • ‘Invisible mode’ where you can anonymously view profiles
  • Seeing who voted ‘Yes’ on your profile in Encounters and added you as their Favourite
  • ‘Highlighted’ message where you get people to read your message first from the deluge of communications they may be receiving
  • Being the first contact to new people
  • Chatting with popular users

Premium membership may be availed via credit card, Paypal, and even SMS credits/mobile billing are available in the following denominations:

  • $4.00 for a week
  • $7.00 for a month
  • $16.00 for 3 months
  • $25.00 for 6 months


If you haven’t had enough of the popularity contest that is high school, or even your workplace, then Hot or Not is the place for you. It can potentially be the ego boost you need or the one that gives your self-esteem the final blow so you start living like a hermit forever.

Hot Or Not at the forefront is just a hangout where people measure their popularity with great side effects like potential friendships, hookups or relationships. The fact that there is a significant user base makes it a great place to hang out and kill time while having fun boosting or berating someone’s ego and maybe meeting someone to spend your night, a few weeks, months, or years of your life with.

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