How About We Review

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How About We Review

How About We Review: How About We was once a quirky and original dating site. That was before it was purchased by Match, however.

Sign Up

The first thing you’ll do when signing up is enter your gender and sexual orientation. You’ll also enter your age, location, email, and choose a username and password.

The next step honestly surprised me. It asks if you would be willing to date someone with children and the ethnicity that you prefer, and then takes you to a partner site. Apparently, this is actually a dating site search engine, not a dating site.


Apparently, this is actually a dating site search engine, not a dating site. According to the site, “How About We’s recommendation engine helps you find the best free dating websites for you”. I also discovered that the terms of service for the site are actually for

Thoroughly confused, I continued my search for the truth. In other words, i really wanted to figure out what the heck was going on.

I remembered tales of How About We being a dating site where you connected based on how you finished the statement “How About We…”.  How About We go out for drinks? How About We go on a picnic? What I was seeing was far removed from the innovative and quirky dating site I knew.

The Match Leviathan

It turns out that Match Group, a subsidiary of IAC, had bought How About We. They then turned it into a bait and switch site to feed daters to other sites that they own.  It’s hard to pin down just how many sites are owned by IAC, but Match Group owns, Plenty of Fish, Tinder,, and Ok Cupid, as well as other sites.

More Bait and Switch

I also ran into this issue with Again, Datehookup was once an actual website. However, now it simply funnels you to another website owned by People Media, which is another group of dating sites owned by Match Group.

It almost makes one wonder why IAC has so many different subsidiaries dedicated to online dating. It almost looks as if they are trying to hide something. Or maybe they are just trying to avoid issues arising from being a monopoly, as it seems most of the most popular dating sites are actually run by IAC.

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, How About We is no longer a dating site. It’s now a search engine designed to send you to other sites run by Match Group.

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