How Andrew Got His Wife Back

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Andrew was well aware of the rough patch that the relationship was in but the divorce came as a huge surprise. Money stress and time away from his wife soon pulled them apart. Over time and through a lack of communication Andrews wife Megan decided to call and end to it all.
Andrew sunk into depression and drug abuse – he felt that it was unlikely he would ever be able to attract another women like his wife. He felt alone, defeated, unwanted and unloved.
This was 6 months ago – He emailed me about his situation and I referred him to the m3 system and the ex recovery system.
I wasn’t expecting him to email me back but he got back to me recently and said he was happily married with Megan again.
The divorce never went through…
Andrew was able to discover the real reasons why his wife left him rather than the confused emotional talk Megan was feeding him. The thing is… in most cases women have little idea WHY they no longer feel attracted to you… they just dont. And that’s about all they end up telling you – or worse they’ll feed you false information leading you down the wrong path.
By finding out how other divorced guys are managing to get their ex wife’s back you end up gaining valuable perspective. Perspective that you wouldn’t have received otherwise – sometimes you need that second or third helping hand to steer you in the right direction.
I asked what specifically was the reason why Megan came back…
Andrew said there wasn’t any single line or technique but rather a mindset shift that enabled him to see the relationship in a different light.
He used the anonymous written letter mentioned by ashley kay here mentioned here
There is no question that marriages can be fixed – if there are young children involved it’s even more important to work on the relationship.
As you may know success leaves clues and patterns – these patterns that occur over and over can be documented and reused by other men looking to repair broken marriages.
You want your ex wife back but your not sure which steps need to be taken to win her trust back… You may not even be sure why she left in the first place. Getting your spouse back into your life might seem like a chess game at this point but you have to believe it can be done. It can be done because thousands of clueless guys have done it before.
So why did your wife leave?

  • Infidelity
  • Lying
  • Miscommunication
  • Assumptions
  • Financial Stress
  • Lack Of Romance
  • Different Life Paths
  • Anger Issues
  • Drug Abuse

There are many many different reasons why she decided to call it quits with you – deep down you know why. She will have likely told you why. If she hasn’t it’s time you ask her one question… WHY?
Once you have some idea of why she left you can figure out what you need to do to change it.
Andrew was able to rekindle the trust and love with Megan because of some revelation he had. Perhaps he was acting in a selfish or hateful way without knowing it. Perhaps he couldn’t be trusted. He may have been impossible to live with for personality related reasons.
But some of the reasons above are tolerable right? If Meg married Andrew she must have made some compromise along the way. It’s tough as a guy who has been divorced to find out the REAL REASON your wife left.
What one thing can you change about your life that will give you the most leverage when you are trying to get your wife back?
How would Andrew have found out what the real reason for the divorce was and how to fix it without help from friends family and supportive networks. Sometimes the only way to open your eyes is have someone tell you the honest truth.
It’s amazing how blind you are to what’s going on around you until an honest friends points out that your hurting the one person you love. If your willing to make the sacrifices necessarily to fix the issues and become the husband that your wife needs you to be THEN you can win her back.
In most cases a divorced husband will have to much pride to ask for help because he knows what truth is coming. He knows that he will have to face up to the truth and be courageous through some tough times.
Brutal honesty is really tough to take – nobody likes to accept that they have been:

  • Living a lie
  • Acting immaturely
  • Been wrong all these years
  • Hurting their spouse

No one likes to face up to the truth that they have been damaging their family. But it may be the ONE good thing you can do. It may well be the start to a whole new healthy positive and authentic life with your wife.
Your wife may have been waiting and waiting for you to change and just lost hope. Her only option was to get the divorce she never wanted to get. You can be sure she will take you back once you discover the one thing she wanted you to change.

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