How Do Sex Addictions Start?

A lot of people find sex as one of the best things in life. If you will look at how we are programmed along with other species, we are all meant to copulate in order to preserve the species for the next generations to come. Humans  find sexual activities as one of the most pleasurable things life can offer. Reinforcement of  the pleasure associated with orgasms can lead to overdoing the sexual act. But why do some people tend to have a bigger appetite than others when it comes to sexual activities? Here are some of the things that may explain how sex addictions start and even develop in the first place.

According to CNN, sex addictions are not really legitimate to begin with. According to their reports, this is just an excuse for deviant sexual behaviors by people. In contrary to what CNN just mentioned, human sexuality is a complex topic. In fact, if you will look at how a person’s behavior could be explained; everything can have a scientific basis to it. Despite the explanation that we are now exposed to a great frequency of sex on TV, internet on our day to day lives; this is simply not enough to give justification to what sexual addiction really is. The question remains why some people opt to have more sexual activities than others when we are all exposed to basically the same things?

World Health Organization Classification

To begin with, what is sex addiction? According to the experts, sex addiction is equated with hypersexual activities. It is defined as the inability to control one person’s sexual thought and behavior. According to the World Health Organization, hypersexual activity is basically a broad term that needs further subdivision. It is still divided for men and women. For men, you can call it satyriasis while for females, they have it as nymphomania. However, there is also a classification meant for excessive masturbation and this goes both for men and women.

Psychology Behind Sexual Addictions

According to Sigmund Freud, there are three parts that form the psychology apparatus. The id, ego and superego would explain so much on how we are wired in our life. For sexual behaviors in particular being a pleasurable act, it has been associated with the id. A very strong id can trump the superego (moralizing factor). This would explain the inability to control the impulse to experience pleasurable things. So how do you reinforce the id and lower the superego in terms of sexual behaviors?

This can be traced in the upbringing of the person from his younger years. ID and the anal stage in Freudian psychoanalysis can explain most of these sexual behaviors and deviations. By definition, the child will go through stages of psychosocial development including oral, anal, phallic, latent and genital stages.

What makes anal stage of psychosocial development the culprit in this type of behavior is because of the things realized by the child from 18 months to three years of age. During these years, the child will be thought of what control is all about. Control of the anal sphincters will help the superego to develop. A child having strict bowel training will reinforce high superego which will then trump impulses. This is why obsessive compulsive behaviors are also associated in this stage of psychosocial development. For sexual addictions, individuals have been raised with a weak bowel training which prompted the id to take over the superego.

Addiction Model and Sexual Activities

According to research, demand to sustain sexual activity to the point of addiction is wired just like how alcoholism is developed. This is why the addiction model meant for the Alcoholics Anonymous is used to explain hypersexuality for both males and females.

People Affected

A lot of people have claimed that they are suffering from hypersexual activity disorder. In the US alone, around 3-6% of the population believed to have this. On the other hand, according to another study, 3-5% of male high school and college students masturbate every day. To make things more alarming, there is  7.6% of the male population that undergo sexual activities that would lead to orgasm on a day to day basis.


There are a lot of interventions that could be used in order to decrease the likelihood of sexual addiction. In a psych ward, it is typical for nurses and doctors to formulate activities that would lessen the sexual preoccupation of their patients. This is also practiced in for those confirmed sexual addicts. .

Another helpful treatment that is available today is the cognitive-behavioral treatment. This deals how people will react to stresses. This treatment changes the way people cope with these stressors in their lives and would rather opt for more healthy means than sexual activity.

Final Note

What people should understand is that sexuality is a common thing for both male and female. However, preoccupation with sexual behaviors that would already hamper regular routine is a possible blossoming hypersexuality disorder. What you want to do is to reach out to those people that could assist you. You may also want to have a word or two from the experts.

If you have a partner, you should at least be open about the situation. There are instances when these problems are traced from childhood. If this is the case, you may want to find the right expert adept in psychodynamics. With the number of sexually transmitted diseases and rate of divorce all over the world, addiction with sexual activities can really be an alarming concern that could lead you to one or even both of these problems.


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