How He Got His Ex Girlfriend Back

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He was able to get her back with acceptance of the truth. His ego and aggressive attitude was becoming toxic to the relationship which forced her to make the decision she did not want to make. She still loved him but the cost of keeping him in her life outweighed the benefit.
His ego blinded him to the truth and reality that he was doing well to keep such a wonderful women in his life.
He got his ex girlfriend back into his life by facing up the truth of his personality. Most guys have to much ego and to much pride to accept this. To many guys wont face the apparent shame in asking their friends the truth about how they act.
Men have trouble talking about their emotions in relationships especially if it’s going to reveal any weakness they might still have.
Accepted you were in the wrong and that you have to change is the MASCULINE thing to do.
Denying and diverting responsibility only proves that she made the right decision to leave you.
A boy that cannot control his emotions and does not accept responsibility runs from situations of pain.
A man faces these same situations head on and deals with the issues at hand, he accepts his wrong doings and acts to better himself.
He got his ex girl back by talking openly and honestly with those people around him that he could trust. These close friends were able to open his eyes to the areas of the relationship that could be worked on in the future.
Only with this honest approach void of any ego and the support of family and friends was he able to make the transformation necessary.

  • He did not slip into denial
  • He did not accuse and blame his ex gf of putting him in this mess
  • He did not lose control of his emotions and sulk for weeks

He got her back with a controlled plan that consisted of firstly getting his head straight. Finding out what was going wrong with the relationship and why she was actually upset to begin with is crucial.
It’s amazing how blind love and relationships can make you of the truth. Outsiders and friends can see a disaster waiting to happen while you think the relationship is fine. Ask these friends if they saw the breakup coming and what the they think the causes were.
Once you have a good list of reasons why the relationship was doomed for failure you can match up associated actions that you will take to make it better.
For example:
Your ex back diary or personal journal could look a little like this…

Relationship Breakup Cause #1

My anger problem was causing stress in the relationship and my inability to control it meant I was taking it out on the one person I loved.
What are you going to do about it?
Now that I am aware of how problematic it has become I have signed up for anger management classes. .

Relationship Breakup Cause #2

My drinking and drug abuse continues to come between me and my ex girlfriend. If I want to get her back I will have to control how much I consume so that It doesn’t become a problem in the future.
What are you going to do about it?
I will not drink any alcohol during the weekdays and limit my consumption to a manageable level in the weekend.

Relationship Breakup Cause #3

My lack of job in recent months caused significant monetary stress issues in the relationship. Unpaid bills and an inability to do any leisure activities meant this stress piled up until it was to much to deal with.
What are you going to do about it?
I have recently got a simple job down the road to ease any immediate problems and have plans to go back to college.
Why This Works
It breaks a complicated emotional issue down into ACTIONABLE steps. Remember that mourning and feeling sad about the situation is helpful for a period of time but at some stage you have to DO something to better yourself.
First find reasons why she might have left you.
Second write them down and come up with ways to do something about moving that area of your life in a direction you want it.
If your not prepared to make the commitment to change that is necessary to get your ex gf back then it proves that you are unwilling to change and don’t actually want her back enough.
If this is the case your motivated by fear of being alone and fear of her being with another guy rather than any positive long term change that is going to help the both of you.
So you have a choice – you can use the breakup pain as motivation to move forward and get her back…
Or you can stay where you are and be happy with accepting that your too different to get along. Both are great choices so long as you fully accept and embrace your choice. If you choose to let her go do it fully and with no regrets – try not to hate her for causing you pain as you are the one who is placing pain on yourself. If you choose to get her back leverage the great motivation you have to improve your own situation.
Whatever path you choose to take from here do it with grace and without hate. Your ex girlfriend just wants the best for herself and deep down the best for you too.

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