How Jason Got Laid From Online Dating

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So How Do You Get Laid From Online Dating?
If you still have your doubts about actually being able to get laid from your online dating efforts you only have to read Jason’s email sent in yesterday.
Jason was recently out of a relationship and feeling “absolutely shit” apparently.
He felt that he had been let down by the one girl that he though he could rely on. He couldn’t remember how many times she had said she loved him… apparently that was all bullshit.
After reading a post on this site about getting over your ex with replacement theory he thought he might give it a go. The theory suggests that you can get over your ex by replacing their presence in your life with something else. This could be a fun activity another friend ( guy or girl ) or even casual sex.
He figured why not replace her with all of the above. He got back into his old hobbies that he had given up and caught up with old mates from school.
He also set up about 6 dates in ONE weekend from a few dating sites that he registered for. Jason ended up having sex with two of the 6 dates, one on the Friday and one on the Saturday and told me he turned down another.

Get Laid Online

What did Jason do that enabled him to get laid?
The email didn’t suggest that you had any secrets at hand – he just took the advice and ran with it. He actually took ACTION and signed up for some online dating sites. He actually emailed almost everyone in his city that matched his criteria of age ethnicity gender and orientation. This meant that he got a number of emails back (across multiple dating sites)…
He was then able to get to know multiple girls over the course of the week. Putting 10 minutes of ground work in on the Wednesday meant that it made conversation easier the coming Saturday.
Some flaked out like usual but I got to know 6 of them well enough to commit to meeting up offline that weekend. 
What did all this cost? 
Less than what he usually spends on a night out with the boys…
He took my advice and stayed sober that weekend – he also didn’t pay for any of  the meals during the dates either. 3 out of the 6 dates were the boring old coffee dates. Jason said he doesn’t even like coffee so he got a cup of tea instead… classy.
The other 3 (where he got laid TWICE) were organised with sexual tension in mind. He actually met up in a bar environment.
This meant that he could transition into sexual escalation easily. I told him that it was crazy to have that many dates set up for one weekend – and that it must have been a busy time for him. He said it was busy and that he would ease back to 2 dates next weekend.
What a position to be in huh – limiting the number of dates you actually go on. His result are by no means typical ( he took massive action ) but any guy could replicate what Jason did.
He obviously had a bit of pick up experience as his “late night game” seemed to be well refined. The great thing about finding a women who is really interested is that you don’t have to be perfect. You can say the wrong thing and it be ok because she actually wants you! Jason played the numbers game online and then used great seduction techniques inside a sexual environment to escalate the relationship.
His “dates” turned into one night stands because of the intent – his conversations online were not obviously sexual but he knew there was an underlying motive. He said the knowledge of her intent gave him huge confidence. She had stated that she was interested in many different relationship types including “casual dating”… I knew what that meant – so the sex was pretty inevitable in the end!
Thanks for the chat Jason
I hope it helps everyone

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