How To Approach Casual Sex Sites

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Every guy out there without a girlfriend has a few thins on his mind… I know which one is the most dominant.

Work it high on his agenda – providing for a future family and increasing his own status is important for him.
But on a more immediate note – casual sex with a local girl is a more pressing motivation.
It’s one of those insanities of the male mind – it’s a constant requirement. You know very well how consistent this motivation for sex and intimacy is.
Casual dating sites are an attempt to connect guys and girls locally so that more fun, more sex and more dating and relationships can be established.
It’s noble and impressive… however many of these site have been met with scorn and outrage. There are sites to watch out for such as (upforit or rudefinder) but in the most part they mean well and are great tools for finding people near you.
The power of these sites is all in the intent of it’s users. There is nothing held back – the women that sign up are up for one thing. The funny thing is that even the guys have admitted to having certain long term relationship motivations.
It’s not that they are immediately looking for marriage or long term hookups but are open to it happening at some stage.
There are some free casual dating options and areas of plenty of fish…
Facebook apps (be naughty) are great extensions to your dating efforts.
So the message here is that there is really nothing wrong with these sites… as long as you know how to use them effectively.
You have to be forward and persistent. You have to go about the whole process in a relaxed manner. You should be looking to establish relationships and chat with women online to gain trust rather than an immediate number close.
Instant messaging within casual dating sites allow you escalate your trust fast so that you can grab a facebook account friend request or number.
Put it all in perspective – you have to play it like a numbers game, few of the women are going to be interested or keen to hang out. It’s just how it goes. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket with a girl you have fallen for online. Investing a lot of emotional energy into online dating will leave you feeling upset.
Simply treat it for what it was designed for… A light hearted way for folks to connect with each other and meet up offline.
I get some guys saying that they don’t have the balls to use online casual dating sites… they get intimidated by the models and all the nudity. I would suggest that when you actually meet up with these women offline they will be considerably less confident then they are online. Most of them are far less impressive than they seem online. If you are following the man transformation manifesto (grab it in the sidebar by entering your email) you shouldn’t have any troubles.
Even if you don’t a ton of sexual experience you have to realise one very important thing…
YOU ARE THE MAN … dave deangelo said once “we are extremely lucky to be born male”
He wasn’t trying to come across sounding chauvinistic but rather reminding us of our own personal power. Women will naturally assume the passive position in the relationship. It’s your job to be attractive to her by assuming the dominant position.
So when you ask yourself how you should approach these casual dating sites in search of one night stands understand this…
Approach them with the confidence that you have in your daily life – you have the chance to contact hot women in your area that want to meet up with you! You should be exited not scared.
Assume you are more confident than women and you have more value to give than them.
Assume that it’s their loss if they don’t want to email you back
You assume this because there is no need to assume anything else… why come from a place of weakness?
You have to believe you have a lot to offer women – if you believe anything else you will fail to attract the right women into your life.

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