How To Attract A Man That Is Not Attracted To You

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Phew… I haven’t done a post for women in some time… This ones for you girls and you might not like what you read.
From a males point of view – I don’t think it would be  particularly hard to attract a guy sexually. All you really need to do is let him know in a fairly blatant manner that your interested. If he has any balls he should do the rest.
Let him chase you a little but for the most part just be obvious about it. Women are WAY to shy and standoffish when it comes to dating.
You women are happy to dance and even flirt but your way to subtle about it. Most of the time we have NO IDEA that your interested because we dont pick up on your signals. A little flick of the hair just isn’t going to cut it and how would we know that this hair flick is any different to that hair flick? Getting shot down by a women is rough… you women hold more inherent power in the dating game than you think… if your interested in a guy let him know about it!
I turn my attention to women that I don’t find particularly attractive myself… These women are usually to tall or overly masculine or it’ll have something to do with their body shape. They might be overweight or smell weird or there is just something odd about them. These women have very little chance of attracting me… They would need to change something about their appearance or mannerisms for me to be interested. It’s not a shallow view point it just comes down to base level attraction and chemistry.
So if your a women out their who has taken my advice on the first point and actually told this guy you like him and he has said he is not interested your chances are not good after this. I know this is information you don’t want to hear but it’s as blunt and honest as your going to find.
The Off Chance:
You could be one of these women who have fantasies about the high school quarter back or a guy at work… If he hasn’t given you the slightest sign of interest it’s unlikely your going to be able to change his mind.
On the other hand guys can get really nervous about a women they find attractive – often guys will feel completely safe and conversational around an unattractive women because they have nothing to lose but in front of a hot women they freeze up.  So
I guess it’s a hard one to pick – if he treats you more like a sister than a potential sex partner your in the friends zone and  you have yet to trigger any of his attraction buttons!
If he is nervous around you and shows off you have basically got him already – all you need to do his give him a socially safe opportunity to approach you and get to know you. Give him your cell phone number or add him on facebook – open up the lines of conversation.
Guys are attracted to certain women and it happens subconsciously and immediately – if you don’t fall into that category but you still want to try and get lucky with this guy here are some dating and seduction tips you will find a little CRAZY…

The PL #1 Crazy Seduction Tip To Get Guys That Are NOT Attracted To You

For many guys they are happy to have one night stands with women that they don’t find attractive but they wouldn’t be interested in a serious relationship.
However guys can fall in love with girls whom they have had sex with…
So as a last ditch effort you could try sleeping with him and over time he might warm to you… Obviously you run a big risk of coming across easy. He may “abandon” you after the first night… he may not.
I would say this is the ONE way into his heart if your certain that he is not physically attracted to you – and yes it works. It’s some sort of chemical hard-wiring. Many guys will have casual sex once and leave then not feel a thing afterwards… But if you can get him coming back over the course of about 1-2 months with regular sex and perhaps some meetups for coffee you stand a very good chance of turning it into a relationship.
Yes this is dirty stuff and yes your being cheeky but remembers… This guy is NOT physically attracted to you and guys are VERY visual creatures. WE base much of our attraction on what a women looks like to begin with.
Having sex with him will be like giving yourself a fighting chance – I know I’m not give you much props here but here me out.
This guy is not attracted to you in a girlfriend kind of way because he is not physically attracted to you – he doesn’t see you as a future wife. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t attracted to your other qualities.
By spending some quality time with him during your casual sex relationship you get his attention. You have the ability to manipulate his emotions and access his deepest feelings. You can influence him and make him laugh, show him your life and show him that your a real prospect for the future.
It’s by no means a fool proof plan but if you have your mind set on this one hot guy that is showing you no attention getting him in the sack could be the best scary decision you ever made.

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