How To Attract Girls

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Every single wants to know how to get the girl… That hot blond in the corner that never looks at him or that mysterious stranger on the street. Every single (and married) guy longs to be admired.
The counter intuitive thing about getting the girl is that you don’t actually have to go out and chase them. The post is title how to attract girls for a good reason… It’s all about attracting girls to your side. If you learn how to attract women the tough task of chasing women is no longer required.
Few men get to the stage where they actually attract hot girls. Attracting girls to you is the real secret – by attracting rather than chasing you can focus on what you do well and just continue doing that. When your chasing your faking and worrying over what to do next. This is very clear to see and turns women off immediately.
So now that you know to stop chasing and start attracting what sort of personality types and aspects of doing attract women?
Being a little different attracts women because it’s out of the ordinary. I’m not talking about different (freaky weird) but I am talking about intriguingly different. You want to be interesting to women, like your life is full of surprises.
A great way to get noticed is to add a couple of interesting things to your attire. Could be a top hat , necklace with an mysterious artefact attached or even just a nice watch.

killed it

killed it

When you start doing this stuff you will realise it doesn’t take much to stand out from the crowd. Everyone is to busy trying to conform that you need only put one colour out of place and you will get looked at.
We are not talking about weird looks because your wearing bright pink! We are talking about the double take because you look like you have things sorted out.
It’s very important to be socially aware of what clothes fit in when you are in different situations. You don’t want to show up to a mall in your sports gear or turn up to the library in beach attire. Become more self aware about the presence you are portraying in certain situations and you will find girls will be more attracted to you.
Guys try to do similar things with fancy cars… but cars don’t leave much room for conversation while your speeding past them on the road.
You will be surprised at what clothes can do for your confidence and attraction quotient.
Being different for different sake can be seen as a personality flaw. You don’t want to be the attention seeker – just to be interesting. If you are wearing what everybody else wears you have successfully become like everybody else.
You might think that looking different will put your right into the weird dude with no fashion sense category…? There are ways to pull of being different. I will agree there is a fine line between pulling of the different look and looking like a douche.
Let’s say you show up at a club and everyone is dressed up in glitter… Imagine showing up in shorts and t-shirt. You become the guy that’s laid back and carefree. You stroll in their like your not trying to impress anyone and automatically attract.
Of course on the other hand a nice pair of shoes at a place where nobody ever dresses up will also draw the crowd.

Do you follow or lead?

Women are turned off by followers and turned on by leaders. The good thing is it doesn’t take much to be a leader. You don’t need to be the leader of a massive corporation! Just be the guy to lead your group of friends into a bar and you automatically become the leader.
Followers are often insecure and turn away from any attention that might be directed at them. You want attention and you want to lead
NOTE: You can wear all the accessories in the world and still not get noticed. In the end it’s your personality that will magnetically attract attention. You have to feel the emotion and confidence within you before you attempt to convey it to others. Attracting girls is all about social status and standing out from the crowd. Try the simple accessory trick mentioned in this post and let me know how it goes I the comments below.

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