How To Become An Alpha Male

A story from Jhon Alexander
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Sex with college professor…
I’d been fantasizing about my twenty-something college professor for two semesters, but she couldn’t even remember my name.
8 days after I got your material she handed me a note asking me to stay after class. When I got to her office she locked the door and practically raped me!
David K., Indiana, USA
John you are like my f**king guardian angel. I have had sex with 3 different girls in the last 5 days.
Matt D., Alabama, USA

Becoming and alpha male: The definition and expression behind “alpha male” is:
In social animals, the alpha is the individual in the community with the highest rank. Where one male and one female fulfill this role, they are referred to as the alpha pair (the term varies when several females fulfill this role – it is extremely rare among mammals for several males to fulfill this role with one female).
Other animals in the same social group may exhibit deference or other symbolic signs of respect particular to their species towards the alpha.
The alpha animals are given preference to be the first to eat and the first to mate; among some species they are the only animals in the pack allowed to mate. Other animals in the community are usually killed or ousted if they violate this rule.
The term “alpha male” is sometimes applied to humans to refer to a man who is powerful through his courage and a competitive, goal-driven, “take charge” attitude. With their bold approach and confidence “alpha males” are often described as charismatic.
While “alpha males” are often overachievers and recognized for their leadership qualities, their aggressive tactics and competitiveness can also lead to resentment by others.
Every guy wants to be the alpha male: First mating rights is naturally a big attraction. But human society and rules makes the process of becoming the alpha male difficult to pinpoint for many men…
Most guys believe that if they make a lot of money they will immediately become the alpha male… not true
Others believe that becoming a famous actor or sports star will give them automatic rights to alpha status.
Both are right to some degree: It is clear that women are drawn to leaders and dominant players in society… But how does joe average become and alpha male without rock star status or a Bentley Continental GT?
To discover how to become and alpha male first you must understand what makes women REALLY go for certain men.
We have all one been astonished at least ONCE in our life at some of the choices that hot women make. Perhaps they have chosen that weird geeky guy or the dumb jock instead or you (the nice caring guy that will treat them well).
A guy called Jhon Alexander has apparently been studying this for the past 4 years and as a result moved from a timid depressed guy who never got laid to a real alpha male figure.
How did joe average Jhon Alexander go from having to work hard for every lay to literally having women approaching him time after time?
He suddenly found himself in “cant miss” situations with women without trying while unknowingly pressing their emotional turn on buttons.
He told me he was genuinely confused as to why more guys are not using these alpha male techniques to attract women.
He was confused as to why he was all of a sudden attracting women because he didn’t change:

  1. His basic personality
  2. His annual income
  3. His looks

And he wasn’t even experienced with the art of seduction or sexuality when he started hooking up with women. Jhon Alexander was Joe Average yet he was pulling attractive, emotionally stable women left right and centre.
What changed?
The alpha male concept is almost like a transition from boy to man. The sad thing is most “men” still act like boys.
They never grew up emotionally.
Most men are emotional wastelands – they are just unable to connect with a women and give them the emotional stimulation required to trigger attraction and love.
Joe Average Jhon Alexander applied “underground” psychological principals he discover during research to change how he thought about the whole game.
He discovered that a few easy mindset changes could accelerate anyone’s success with women despite their current physical, emotional or financial status.
What that means is that it doesn’t matter if you’re a fat 56 year old guy living at home with no job, YOU can still have success with women and dating.
First you need to work on yourself… It should take less than 30 minutes and by the end of it you will have in your possession:
Magic mind tricks or attraction

“push button” seduction systems

Silent techniques of magnetic attraction

Scientifically backed psychological techniques looking into “hot buttons” and “frames”

Rapid “appearance” changes that triple success (less than 5 minutes)

Specific behaviours you should be using and how to implement them in the real world

Flirting clues for confidence

A body language, fast track course.
Success with women is easy!
IF… you know HOW
There was a time when I used to be so terrified of speaking to attractive women that my vision blurred, my face turned beet red and i’d stammer like an idiot…
But after altering a few small personality flaws I am able to confidently use somewhat arrogant and cocky humour to my advantage to put her in her place.
No longer should you have to be at the mercy of beauty. Once you can control your own emotions you will have to beat a path to get out the door with your chosen women (or 3) on your arm.
It sounds like the fantasy of a school boy but dreams are a reality for those men willing to confront them and act upon what’s necessary to make it happen.
The road to the alpha male is not laid with cotton wool and pink ribbons. There will be some rejection – but the payoff is a brand new life.

Resources For Further Growth:
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  1. I dont get how you can get women without changing your
    Basic personality,Annual income or Looks?

  2. I dont get how you can get women without changing your
    Basic personality,Annual income or Looks?

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