How To Become More Sexually Fertile

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Union of both egg and sperm is necessary in order for fertilization to occur. Usually, it occurs in the ampula of the uterine tube. This “magic of life” however is not this simple. The road towards having a successful union between the egg and the sperm is sometimes not successful because of the difficulties that the sperm has to endure. Of all the millions released per ejaculation, only one sperm will be able to penetrate into the zona pellucida of the egg cell and establish cortical reaction. It is therefore important that the sperms are healthy and are numerous in number. The acid bath alone can already deplete the number of sperms ejaculated by the man.

Fertility Issues

Today, a lot of people are having a difficult time having a child. For a woman, endometriosis, poor egg quality, age and many others are all factors that play a crucial role in the success or failure of forming a child. These female problems when it comes to fertility can be alarming but according to the newest research done in the UK; men overtake women when it comes to the cause of fertility.

According to the Human Fertilisation and Embroyology Authority, 81% of infertility cases can be narrowed down to whether it is coming from the woman or from the man. With these instances, it was hypothesized that the sperm quality of men in general in today’s population is rapidly declining for several reasons.

Here are some of the most popular causes of male related infertility issues

Work hazard

If you are working in a place where it involves high temperature 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, you will notice that you will have a declining sperm count. There is a reason why the sack of your testes decides to stay away from your body when you are sick. It is because of the high temperature that could kill sperms. This is also the reason why sperm banks have refrigeration equipment for storage.
Constant Masturbation

Now that porn is everywhere online, it is important that you keep your hands to your self. Frequent masturbation several times a day can lead to a decreased number of sperms per ejaculation.
Low testosterone level

Lowered testosterone level either because of age or inactivity can lead to a lot of sperm related problems. This can be avoided by performing exercises.
The average ejaculation for men can reach up to 66 million per ml. Below 20 million is already considered to be low sperm count. With 3 ml per ejaculation in an average, this semen could contain as much as 66 million sperms. Despite the numbers, it is important that the motility of the sperm is also perfect in order to reach the location of the egg cell.

Things that Can Increase Likelihood of Fertilization

Morning Sex

It is not the most popular time to have sex but when you are trying to have a child, this can give you a higher number of sperm count. According to the researchers, aside from sperm count sexual interest is also highest in this time of the day. If you consider the morning wood plus sexual interest and sperm count; people should rethink about the time that they have sex.


If you want to increase the likelihood of your sperm to work best, it is suggested that you don’t go beyond your suggested weight. An increase of 20 pounds from your average weight would decrease your chances by 10% according to researchers. This is also the same for those that have fewer fats on their body.

Abstain But Not For Too Long

Doctors suggest that men should avoid ejaculations for ten days especially when there is a sperm count issue. On the other hand, new studies have found out that it is necessary for men not to abstain for too long since this could destroy the DNA of the sperm and decrease the likelihood of defects.

Avoid Soy and Stick to Meat

Men with a regular diet of soy have a lower sperm count than those of men with no soy products on their diet. If you are vegan, forget about being an animal advocate for a while and stick to meat.

Say no to alcohol

Alcohol not only lowers your erectile functions but also your sperm count. If you are really looking for long hours of fun and success, you can start to abstain from beer and other alcoholic beverages for a while.

Complications of Having Weak Sperms

There are a lot of both marital and personal problems that could occur when your sperm can’t reach the coveted egg of your partner. It can be the reason why you are getting a divorce and it could also be one of those personal ghosts that you will have to face for the next years to come.

Ways to Solve Your Problems

It is important to first know where the problem is coming from. It is important that you know what to change and what you should start doing. This is equally important to receiving help from medical professionals especially when you still don’t know the root cause of infertility concerns. And of course, you should be open to your partner and make sure that you face the problem together.

It is easy to solve sperm problems if it is not an abnormality in your genes. Genetic problems can become a serious concern because it is no longer affected by any of the things that you have done. In this situation, there are alternatives. You can opt to have an adoption or have a sperm from a donor. These things however take a long time to discuss with your partner. And since not everyone is really open about these solutions, it is crucial that you consult someone who knows a lot about the said topics.

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