How to Chat to A Girl You Like on Facebook


Facebook is your best wingman when it comes to online dating. These days most of us are on Facebook, you may not be an active user but at least you have an account with them. Since this is the biggest social networking site to date, it also means that there are a lot of fish to catch here.

In this article we will talk about how to chat to a girl you like on Facebook. Chatting to girls online can open to limitless possibilities. It can be an avenue to find long term or serious relationships. You may also use Facebook Chat to find girls for casual hookups. Whatever your purpose in chatting with girls online our tips will help you succeed.

What you need is an active account or profile. So take time to set up your profile, upload pictures and update it with bits of information about you. Choose a good profile picture and for your Facebook cover photo. Pick something interesting and at the same time will represent your personality.

Facebook differs from dating sites in that it’s a real authentic representation of your personality because of the attached family relationships and close friend connections.

Learn to use Facebook privacy settings

Be careful with what you’re sharing online. Your safety and privacy must be guarded at all times. Controlling what you share to your friends and to the public while online can mean a lot. Facebook has sophisticated privacy settings that let you control what you want others to know. Read the full guide from the link we have here.

It’s important that you know how to use these options. You don’t really need everyone to know whom you’re flirting with! If your motivation is to set up multiple dates your activity stream could look a little creepy if you don’t tamper with your sharing settings a little.

So whenever you share something you can control who can see it and block others from viewing the same. Your sexy photos can be kept in an album and lock it down anytime.

Now that you have set up your profile the way you want it. You can start picking up women or chatting them up. Facebook chat is available on your internet browser right when you login to the site or you can also download it to your desktop. It’s also available on smart phones and selected cell phone models.

Facebook Friend Request

If the girl that you want to chat with is already on your friends list you can immediately send her chat messages. If not, then you must start with a friend request.

A Facebook friend request will allow two users to get connected. There are a lot of techniques in befriending a girl on here. The easiest way is to send her typical plain friend request and hope she accepts it.

But there is something that works for me all the time. By default, your profile is set to receive messages from anyone. Unless the user disable it, you can send anyone a message even if you’re not friends or on the same network.

What I normally do is send her an interesting message, without the friend request. My message will include a reference to a common ground, like, a mutual friend, common interest (pets, movies, hobby, etc.,) as listed on her wall or profile, if you’re from the same school, city or state.  Just make your message general, short, and end it with a question or a compliment.

Normally she will check for mutual friends, and your profile. She will either reply to your message, or add you as friend or both. If she replied without the friend request, I usually ignore her message and send friend request first, then reply when she accepts.

Don’t waste time trying to make her your friend if there is no special reason. There are a lot of girls out there, chat with them instead. Basically you have better chance on scoring a girl on your friends list compare to those who are not on it.


How to Chat to a Girl You Like on Facebook

Say hello. Great her with an interesting opening line. If it’s your first interaction make it short and simple.  Say “hi there”, or “good morning my fb friend”.  Don’t use endearments like “sweet heart”, “honey”, or “love “, when chatting with them for the first time. This will sound weird because these are very personal words to use on first interactions. (this goes without saying I know but guys… your STILL managing to get your creep on)

Make short and light conversation. If it’s the first time that you have chatted, make the conversation light and short. Don’t show that you’re overly interested with her. This will drive her away, or she may take advantage of it and abuse you the power you are giving her.

Most guys will make a mistake of giving out there number right in the first conversation. Don’t offer to give your number. This will make you look desperate and it’s a sign that you are overly interested with her. If you do this she won’t even bother reading your number, or copying it to her phone. So don’t expect her text or phone call. Remember – facebook is used much like a phone number anyway with the increasing usage of the facebook iphone and android mobile apps.

Use online pickup lines. Pickup lines are great when you’re trying to get her attention and get her talking. But you should choose the right pick up lines, it should be funny, something that will demand an action or reply, but it should not be offensive. I normally use pick up lines when I’m out of topic to talk about, or when I’m trying to chat to her the next day. Check this link to know how to get laid using Facebook with online pickup.

Remember pick up lines are meant to lighten the mood and be funny (they are not really meant to impress)

Use smiley’s and emoticons. To keep the conversation interesting and fun you can use smiley’s and emoticons.

Facebook chat will let you easily choose what emoticons to use. You don’t need to install anything to make this feature work.

Limit the use of “lol”. Avoid using “lol” or “LOL”. This means laughing out loud but nowadays it’s being perceived as something impersonal. People would normally type lol, but in reality they are bored. They use this just to have something to say or just to be polite. Instead say, you’re so funny or hehehe, it’s is more personal. Careful with the use of jargons or acronyms when chatting, but be familiar with common chat lingo.

A big problem with online chat is that there is big danger in ASSUMPTIONS – do you assume that she knows what your talking about? If you are inferring something about her hair in a funny joke there is a good chance she won’t know what your talking about and she might take it the wrong way.

Show interest in her personality. Showing interest in someone’s personality makes them feel good about themselves. When chatting with girls online you should show genuine interest in her personality. You can use this technique to get her talking about herself. But don’t forget that you have a different personality, you don’t have to step into her shoes to appreciate her. What you want her to know is that you like her just the way she is.

Compliment her. Girls like compliments. But don’t be superfluous, give genuine compliments. When chatting on Facebook with a girls you like, you can compliment her by saying you like one of her photos (reference it with a link and mention – one of my friends shared this photo of you and I had to say hi…). Tell her she looks stunning but don’t tell her why, keep her wondering.

Telling a girl that you like how she looks, and you like talking to her will make her feel special. Just tell her you like the feeling to be connected with her, with no apparent reason. It’s like creating that magical connection with her. She will love it, and it will lead her to think that you’re meant for each other.

Give her a nick name. After your first online interactions you can give her a nick name like “Sweetie”, “FBjane” or “Cutie”. This will show that she’s someone special. From there on address her with that name. I’m sure that in time she will come up with something to call you. That will be a good sign that she’s really into you.

Be a real person. Don’t hide behind masks and aliases. Tell her your real name, show her your real picture when she asked for it. If you trust her enough give her your number and address. You will never know when she will call you for a date or she might show up at your front door with good news painted on her face. You just cannot explain to her why you used a fake profile photo in any mature way.

Be friendly and polite. Although Facebook may not have a dislike button, it has a block feature. If you get blocked you can’t chat with her anymore, you can’t even see her wall or profile. So be nice, friendly and polite. Plus she may have an army of girl friends that will surely get back to you. This can either ruin your reputation if your nasty or become your biggest strength if you impress her.

Keep in mind that your chats are kept on her inbox. If you did something damaging to someone, she can capture your messages from her inbox or her chat messages and it will not look good.

Be prompt. When answering to her chat, don’t make her wait. You don’t like to be kept waiting right?

Let her hang. Don’t spend too much time chatting with her. Learn to leave the chat box after 20 to 30 minutes of chatting. You can’t have a full hour chatting with her online, you are a man with obligations and private things to attend to. This makes you a little bit mysterious, women love mysterious guys.

Just say you have to do something, but you will be right back. You can stay online or appear offline it’s a feature you can choose from chat settings. When she message you don’t be tempted to reply that will blow your cover. This time let her wait. Anticipation can be a good thing, it will keep her thinking about you. The more she thinks about it the more that you will have a place on her heart or mind.

Be an opportunity seeker. Be ready with a helping hand. She might have trouble with some technical stuff on her computer. Walk her though it, don’t worry if you’re not a tech person just Google whatever issues she have. She will appreciate that you’re willing to help her. If the issue is resolved she owes you one already. You can use this as an excuse why she should go out with you.

If the issue is still unsolved tell her that you can make free time and have a look at her computer. This is a great way to get her number or give yours.

Set a Goal. Of course you’re not reading this how to chat to a girl you like on Facebook and be contended to just chatting with her. You must have a goal. Usually you’d like to be her man, boyfriend or a lover. That will not happen if you just chat online, you must follow it up with a phone call or a meet up.

My rule is to get her number or date her on the third occasion that we chat on Facebook. Just casually suggest having a cup of coffee, or a lunch somewhere. Nothing special about it, if she refuse it’s just because she’s not ready she’s not dumping you. Try to get her number instead.

Our final say

Now remember that Facebook is a general social networking site. This is not a dating website people here are not generally looking for quick hookups. So don’t expect to get laid after a few minutes of chatting with girls.

Don’t even suggest that you are there to find a date or to get laid. It’s safer to make an impression that your there to make friends and meet interesting people.





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