How To Choose A Dating Site

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How To Choose A Dating Site
It can be a tough choice to pick the right dating service these days… According to there are more than 9 million dating services currently available. Kind of hard to believe, I think most of these will be inactive and not worth signing up for but you can be sure the choice is there.
Depending on how thorough you want to be choosing and signing up for a dating site will take anywhere from 2 minutes to 2 hours.
Step 1: What are you looking for
The kinds of relationships could include
Friends only
Friends with benefits
Casual Dating
Friendship dating that could lead to romance
Step 2: What do you want?
List attributes and physical characteristics of your ideal date. What type of personality suits you? Be very specific.
Level of activity
Do they need to be a certain religion?
Are they required to act a certain way?
All of these factors will play a role in which dating site you choose.


Like everything there are price ranges and levels of dating service quality.
Decide if now how much you are willing to spend to find love. You can decide to not spend anything at all and visit the free dating sites but be aware that you won’t get the quality of singles or service.
Come up with a monthly amount you are willing to spend.
Cross check with
It is likely that you have already heard of a few dating sites just by being online., are huge sites… but vary in the type of service they provide.

Create You List

Use google or yahoo to come up with a list of 10 dating sites that could work for you.
Using your selection criteria above:
Say your Christian and want to date other Christians, type in “Christian dating” you will come up with sites such as loveandseek or Christianmingle
You might want a quick anonymous relationship or fling. Type in “fling dating” and you should get sites like or
Just type in what you are looking for with “dating” on the end
Use google but don’t rely on them: Check out other reviews here

Final Decision

Whats most important to you?
In a dating site you will find that each service specialises in certain features. Some have great personality matching
(eHarmony,Chemsitry – others have great search features.
What is most important to you? If you are looking for a site with ease of use and simplicity check out each dating site you
have listed and cross check them with what’s important to you.
Cut your list of ten sites down to 5
Sign up with these 5 dating sites using the free sign up features. Browse the singles and come up with your favourite site based on what you are looking for.
You will want to look at quality and quantity of singles in your area. Test each of the 5 sites thoroughly before making your final decision.
If you want to be really certain that your dating site is legitimate be sure it is a common name and search for any dodgy news.
In the end it’s up to you which dating site you choose. If it’s your first time stick with one of the dating sites listed here:

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