How To Create Chemistry And Attraction With Women

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To create real chemistry you will need to master the art of dating conversation. Watch funny ways to stimulate conversation here.

Have you been on a date where you continually hit these awkward silent patches…? Where chemistry just drops off a cliff and you sit there scrambling to try and get the conversation back on track?
First dates can be really tough – guys often struggle to come up with interesting things to say.
What you say to women and how you say it are very important and be aware that they are completely different things.
Most guys are fixated on WHAT to say to women “pick up lines” prewritten lines and scripts. They think that if they know enough about the women then they can keep the conversation moving along smoothly.
To some extent this is true but there is also:
Whatever the topic is that you are talking about it’s important that you know HOW to go about it. There is a certain energy and style in which you can portray yourself on your first date that ensures no matter what you talk about the date will go just fine.
The fact is that even if you talk about exactly the right things, if you don’t trigger attraction in the process you won’t get a second date. It’s all about the feeling that you can convey and attract in return.
Yes what you say counts… but not nearly as much as you think!
I am trying to think of an example here… You know when you see these actors in big box office hit movies and you immediately feel attracted to them. You intuitively understand that it’s not what they are saying at all but the tone and pitch of their voice… the timing the body language and even how they use eye contact with that smile.
They flirt and initiate chemistry at the drop of a hat often BEFORE they even start talking.
The truth is that in a normal conversation there should not be awkward silences. If you work on the HOW rather than the WHAT this should eliminate all of the those awkward silences.
I realise that this seems very counter intuitive but if you find yourself nervous and awkward around women then work on the HOW. What I mean is: discover how to talk to women rather than focusing solely on what you are saying. Obviously it’s not as simple as this simple transition but it’s a great first step.
When your continually stressed about saying the right thing your mind doesn’t have the chance to act right. As a result the attraction doesn’t get stimulated in your date and you get left wondering what the hell happened.
Even so there are some great things to talk about with women on a date to stimulate chemistry and attraction.
The trick with talking with women and really getting them interested is to talk about the things they are interested. If you have not read a cosmo or romance novel yet then you should do yourself a favour. This will give you great insight into the motivations of women. Need conversation topics? Just read a womens magazine!
Women LOVE:
– Drama
– Conflict
– Romance
– Famous people and their lives
If your struggling for conversation ideas take a look at the points above. Apparently women love to chat about others. Look around for ideas where you are or bring up certain Hollywood figures.
Once again this is not intuitive but just GIVE IT A GO. Women love to talk about peoples love lives.
There are many topics to discuss with women but stay away from:
Comic books and computer games
Scifi movies
Ex girlfriends
Keep away from any topics such as past negative relationships.
Dont talk about your mother too much
(unless it’s their passion too)
Also obviously don’t talk negatively about yourself in any way! To really trigger attraction you need to be confident and positive about yourself.
If your at a restaurant approach the waiter first and speak up about where you want to sit!
Speak up about what you are going to eat and then what she is going to have.
To really trigger chemistry with women you want to stimulate powerful emotional attraction. This involves acting in a certain way.
When you discover the FEELING of how to act around women then almost ANYTHING you do will amplify this attraction. Because you are able add emotion, cocky comedy and magnetic attraction to anything you say
The problem with really discovering how to attract women and stimulate chemistry on a date you need to get out there and practice. It’s not about some secret word or system you can use on women. It’s about working on yourself so that you can convey the right attitude and confidence at the right time.
Powerful education and training is out there such as the Advanced Dating Techniques CD/DVD program.
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