How To Date A Cougar

Catching a cougar is the fantasy of many men both young and old. You will surprised at the number of young guys that are after that experienced 40 plus women.
The statistics are in your favour to because the mature women are looking for that energetic young guy. Plus the older guys have their eyes on younger girls and are blind the women in their age group so you have many a cougar to choose from.
So if you’re after mature women then your obviously not going to go to late night clubs and bars. You are going to want to head to the places where cougars hang out.
To catch a cougar you are going to need exceptional day game. Remember these cougars have been in the game for awhile and know what they want. They will also be able to pick up your intentions early and if they’re not interested won’t hesitate to pay you out about it!
Classy restaurants , bookstores , out walking , certain bars on weekdays where older people hang out. Catching a cougar requires a different kind of approach. In some ways it’s easier as they are defiantly more confident and adventurous. The wont hesitate to start flirting and moving the night towards her bedroom if they catch on to your intentions.
There are a heap of cougar dating sites popping up all over the place or you could even try the mature dating sites.
You are looking for a certain type of mature women when you cougar hunting. There will be a lot of older women who won’t be interested in dating younger guys but just wont to settle down with a rich old guy.

How to spot a cougar

Getting rejected by older women can be a real punch to the nuts if not humiliating. So spotting the right women to approach is important. This what makes mature dating sites so useful
Anyway you are going to want to spot the cougar:
They will usually be out in packs with women their own age at bistro or classy bar type areas.
They will have made an obvious attempt to dress themselves up with heels makeup and provocative clothing. This is the biggest giveaway as other women her age won’t look as dressed up.
Dangly earrings and red lip stick on an older women is a good sign of cougar town
Her body language will be clearly open and confident
She will be prone to drinking large amounts of dry white wine and still easily persuaded into jager bombs
If you don’t have confidence or at least blatantly show a sexual interest in her it’s going to be tough to pick her up.
Cougars are by their very nature pretty sexual beings so your going to want to match her in the sack.
Be prepared for the romance to be hot and sweaty and then die down as quickly as it started.
Most cougars are well up with the whole texting iphone craze so it should be easy to grab her number.
You don’t always have to treat a cougar with respect. If your into serious mature dating then that’s a different story. The thing is that mature women don’t have time for mucking around.
They are on borrowed time as it is and this urgency comes through strong! So don’t piss about with your games just get in there and make it happen with her. She will be well aware of your sexual intentions so don’t beat around the bush with it. Return phone calls and get to the point.
Make your dates fun chatty and electrifying. That’s what dating is all about with cougars, she will love the saucy age gap so make the most of your youthful energy.
Tell her she’s beautiful as she will be aware that she’s moved on from lamb and is now looking more like mutton every day.
This is tough for a cougar to handle so let her know she’s hot stuff and she will reward you for it big time.
Get amongst the hot cougar action son and make the most of the sexual energy between the two of you.
Remember it’s usually pretty easy to spot a cougar and they will bite if you emit the right confidence. There are plenty of confidence tips on this site so I wont go into that.
Just don’t be scared to go up to them and have a good chat, older women are waaaaay more relaxed and sexually open than younger girls so enjoy the sexual liberation of your new sexual fantasy.

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