How To Find A Girlfriend

How To Find A Girlfriend
The trouble is not finding a girlfriend it’s getting them to want to go out with you.
There are many ways to go about finding a girlfriend. The girls are out their… you just need to know where to look and how to act.

Where to find girlfriends

You could use cold approaches:

Finding a girlfriend by approaching random hot girls during the day or night. So you don’t know them, they don’t know you, this is typically kind of tough and not recommended for guys looking for girlfriends.

Online dating

Is great to get quick contacts of singles in your area:
Specifically state in your profile that you are looking for girlfriends so that you don’t get random girls messaging you not about stuff not related to being a girlfriend.

Texting friends

This involves having friends already that no single girls. You will want to get your mates to give you their phone numbers and text these single girls using some phone game.

Friend referrals

The most effective method is meeting up with girls through friends or friend of friends. The reason why is that there is already some inherent trust their so the hard work is done.
You usually meet these girls at friend meetups, malls, house parties etc. If you are willing to deal with gay guys… then gay men is a great way to get female contacts. Female contacts can be found through your sister or female friend. It pays to have a few female friends (whether they are ugly or not has little bearing on the female friends they hang out with)

Going to Parties

Going to full on house parties or parties in town allow you to get into a scene in which there is already some sexual tension. Tougher to transition this into getting a girlfriend though, you will want to just get some girls numbers or earn the trust of a girl that you think likes you. This is easy enough to find out through friends…
the gossip will come down the line back to you soon enough, along with their phone number
– if they like you enough and you have done a great job making them laugh and gaining their trust you might not have to do any work when getting a girlfriend after the initial attraction.

Family friend referrals

Whichever methods you use to find girlfriend there are some methods you can use to increase your success rate.
For example once you have the contact details of a potential girlfriend you are going to want to get her attracted to you.
Working on your attraction skills will help in this process.
Attraction skills mean working on your personality traits (specifically the traits that attract women)
Eliminating any annoying nuisances or things that might annoy your potential girlfriend
You will also want to work on your pickup skills so once you find your perfect girlfriend she will actually want to go out with you.
To help you find a girlfriend you should work on:

Conversation skills

– making women feel at ease in your presence by moving conversation on smoothly and easily from one subject to the next. Seduction success relies heavily on being able to talk the pants off hot women.
But if you are just looking to find a girlfriend you just need to be able to get along well with your potential girlfriend enough so that the conversation is not awkward and you have common interests.

Building confidence

–You will have heard it before or understand it intuitively (naturally) confidence is very attractive to women.
How to build chemistry and rapport – Chemistry can’t really be explained in words particularly well as not many guys actually understand what it is. When a girl says she has the hots for a guy then you can be sure there will be chemistry between them.
It’s kind of like an innate immediate attraction to someone usually followed by a discharge of chemicals into the blood stream such as oxytocin and Phenylethylamine (commonly dubbed the `love molecule’)

Approaching women

Your success in finding a girlfriend will also come down to being able to approach a women:
Approach skills need to be learnt and overcoming rejection is best “overcome” by rejection itself. You might have to take some knocks and emotional lows to find your girlfriend.

Finding A Girlfriend – Who Are You Looking For

Your success in looking for a girlfriend will come down to being able to narrow down who you are looking for.
It is natural to be a little desperate and be happy with anyone at this stage but this is not helping you.

You need to write down or have a picture in your head of exactly who it is you are after.
In your quest to find the perfect girlfriend – first consider her:


– What age ranges are you happy with? Are you prepared to date younger or older girls? or do you just want a girlfriend the same age… this will dictate where you look.


– Is race an issue for you? You likely have never thought about this as it’s natural to assume you will be dating someone of the same race… but what if you fall for someone different?

Body type

– Do you want a girlfriend of similar build to you?

Hair colour

– Trivial but still important you have a vivid image of the girlfriend you are looking for.


– Crucial area of understanding. What would be the personality of your perfect girlfriend? Are you willing to go out with a girl with a personality much different from your own?
This also means their nature
– whether it be relaxed or tense your nature will play a part in your compatibility of the girlfriend you are looking for.

Level of intelligence

– what level of education are you looking for in a girlfriend? Is this something that you are worried about? How open minded are you about the social status of the girlfriend of your dreams? Do they need to be career minded or perhaps more family orientated?

Social Background

– The term love blind refers to a man or a women being blind to the negative aspects of their partner during the early stages of love. Will social background and financial statues play a role in your selection of a girlfriend?


When finding a girlfriend you are going to want to go to the places where single girls hang out.
Clothes shops
Shoe Shops
Local park
Swimming pool
On a walk
At the gym or even sporting events.


In your desperation to find a girlfriend you may fall the first girl you meet. Especially if it has taken a long time to meet her you might fell you have invested a lot of time in meeting this ONE girl.
This is the wrong approach to take…
Date several girls before choosing one girlfriend.
By then you should have a bit more maturity and hopefully a rational mind.

The Last Step – Choosing

The obvious last step once you have found your girlfriend is to choose her and ask her out.
Once you have dated a few girls you will start to understand girls better – and gain some vital knowledge about the perfect girlfriend, your image of the perfect girlfriend might well have changed in the process.

Keep Learning And Growing

A good relationship takes hard work
You need to be attentive
Willing to sacrifice
Once have found your girlfriend remember that the job of loving and caring has only just begun.

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