How to Find FREE Sex Tonight

We live in a time where technology has shaped the way we live, communicate, work, play, and even the way we search for a sex partner.

They say that the sexual revolution was back in the 60’s, but we can see clearly, that the new sexual revolution is happening today.

Today, we can use many dating websites and apps, make a profile, and find a sex partner in a matter of hours.

There is literally no excuse for not trying. There are endless possibilities if you are a normal guy with proper hygiene. Women and men are both searching for sex and romance online. You just need to click a few times and find them.

How to Find FREE Sex Tonight

There are many ways on how to find FREE sex tonight. You can visit bars and clubs, meet new people through different social activities or through the social circle. But you can save yourself some precious time and money and use the easier way.

You can choose from many dating apps and dating sites. Choose them wisely, according to your interests and needs. You can even niche down and look for ones catered to your sexual interests and preferences. There are dating sites even for that.

This article will guide you in choosing the best option for you and show you the right first steps. Read, learn, apply and find your sex partner quickly and easily. Let’s answer the question ‘how to find FREE sex tonight’.

How to Find Free Sex Tonight on Dating Sites and Apps

If you are starting out with online dating, it’s good to know what are your options. Maybe you didn’t have the courage to try for yourself until now. Or maybe you have tried, bur failed. Still, it is good to know the best course of action and how to use online dating sites to your advantage. In 2017 online dating is not a taboo anymore, and everybody should try it even once before judging.

You have two options on how to find FREE sex tonight. You can use dating sites or dating apps. They are similar in some ways, but also different, and each of them has their pros and cons.

Also, you can use free and paid versions. They also have their pros and cons, but there is no reason for you to use paid version just yet. Try the free version first and see if you like it. Then later, you can easily switch to paid version if you really like it.

Dating sites

Dating sites are online platforms  that provide the best way on how to find FREE sex tonight. It is where you can meet other people who are also looking for love, sex, or companionship. There are many of them and each of them has its own special features.

Some of them are specially designed for people looking for love and romance. Other are more geared towards people looking for sex and hookups.

They are easy to use and you can set up your profile in a matter of minutes. For better chances of success, you will have to put a bit more effort in creating an interesting profile. Dating sites save your time and money, and give you plenty of options to find a partner with the same interest.

Not every dating site is for hookups and sex. To increase your chances of finding free sex, aim at the ones strictly for hookups.

Your approach to those dating sites should also depend on the type of the dating site. Don’t be blatantly sexual and vulgar on the dating sites where people are looking for love and romance. Your chances will be minimal and you will only end frustrated.

Choose your approach wisely and try to meet the other person. Communicate, share, and connect first. Don’t treat online dating differently than dating in real life just because you are hidden behind a computer screen.

Dating apps

Dating apps are becoming more and more popular. Some of the dating sites are also offering free dating apps making it easier on how to find FREE sex tonight.

Dating apps are forcing dating sites to become better, to catch up with new technologies and to give their users a better experience.

Some dating sites are free and some are paid. The price you pay for a good quality dating site has gone up in the recent years.

The biggest difference among them is in the people you will meet on them. If you are looking to find somebody for sex and hookups, dating apps are a much batter choice. Statistics say that you are more likely to meet a partner for sex on dating apps.

On the other hand, you have better chance to find something more meaningful on paid dating sites. People who spend money on their profiles invest more time and more emotion. That means that they are more serious about finding something long term.

The cool benefit of the dating apps is that they are very easy to use. You can connect your social profile like Facebook, pick a few good photos, write an interesting bio, and go on your first date in a matter of hours.

Another benefit of dating apps is a lack of social stigma accompanied with dating sites. Many of the people who use dating apps will never even try dating sites because they fear appearing lonely and desperate.

Dating apps are more casual and fun, but your physical attractiveness and first perception will be crucial for your success.

Free VS Paid

If you are just starting out use free versions. Sign up, make a profile and you will quickly get a feeling if you like a site or not. Later you can make better and more informed decision.

Free dating sites and apps

On free dating apps and sites, you will meet a wide variety of people looking for different things. Some of them are looking for relationships, some for sex. Some are there because they are bored and want to meet someone only to talk to.

Free sites and apps will attract a lot of people and man to woman ratio will heavily benefit women.

Free sites are limited in their options. Search results will be limited which means that you will match with people based on your location, instead of on your common interests.

Free versions will require more of your time and effort to sift through all matches and find someone compatible.

Paid dating sites and apps

If you pay for something, you will appreciate it more and be more invested.

That is the main benefit of paid dating sites and apps. People are spending money, which means they will be looking for more serious partners. They will answer their messages faster and have clearer standards in what they are looking for.

On paid sites, you will match with people more compatible with you. Search results will suggest partners with compatible religion, age, and interests.

Best Ways to Use Dating Sites and Apps 

  • Make memorable and interesting profile

We are always being judged based on first impressions. That is the same rule in online dating world. So choose great photos for your profile. Use photos that describe you and your interests. Forget about bathroom selfies. That will only make you look desperate and socially isolated. If you have a great body that you are proud of, show it. Don’t be shy. Just pay attention to what kind of a site you are dealing with.

Use your bio to say something interesting about yourself. Don’t be bland and boring. Be direct and say exactly what are you looking for. That way you will drastically increase your chances and save time by avoiding bad matches.

  • Adjust your strategy

How to find FREE sex tonight? If you are looking for hookups and free sex be aware of which sites you use. Not every site is designed for people looking strictly for sex. If you have a profile on a site like Ok Cupid, your best bet will be to take your time and get to know the other person first. Sites like Ok Cupid are oriented on the people looking for relationships and dating.

There will be plenty of opportunities for sex to happen. Be normal, chat and take it easy.

  • Find your niche

Goes hand in hand with the bullet point before. If you have a specific sexual fetish or the type of partner in mind you can easily find the site intended for that.

Sites like Fetlife are a perfect place for someone looking for a partner interested in s/m relationships.

If you have interest in swinging, maybe try something like

  • Take the initiative

Just like in the real life, if you want something to happen, you will have to take initiative and make it happen.

Don’t wait for luck to hit you. Make your own luck. That means message people, chat with them, propose meeting in person for drinks or other social activity.

  • Play the numbers game

The dating game is a numbers game. If you want to find somebody for free sex fast, create profiles on multiple dating sites and apps. Make great profiles and talk to lots of people. That way you will increase your chances tenfold.

Best Free Dating Sites and Apps

There are many to choose from. Find the ones best suited for you and try them for free.


  • Plenty Of Fish- PoF
  • No Strings Attached – gives free base membership
  • Saucy Dates
  • Mingle 2
  • FDating
  • Free and Single ( UK based)
  • LuvFree
  • Alt Scene


  • Ok Cupid
  • Tinder
  • Coffee Meets Bagel
  • Pure
  • Droid MSG

Top 3 Dating Apps Quick Guide


Tider is a free dating app, widely popular all over the world. It is popular because of its easy and simple interface.

Tinder is known as a hookup app and majority demographics are the 20s and 30s crowds.

You can install it quickly following these simple tips:

  • download the app for free from the app store or google store and install it on your mobile phone.  

After you’ve installed it you will have to log in using your Facebook account. Don’t worry about your privacy. Tinder doesn’t post anything on your Facebook wall.

You can connect your Facebook photographs with your Tinder account. The app will use your location and age and use them on your profile. If you hide your age on your Facebook it will not be shown on Tinder.

  • Add good photographs.

Entire Tinder app is based on users photographs. Some say it is pretty shallow dating app, but don’t we all judge people on their appearance when we first see them in real life?

So it is best to put your best foot forward and use the best photos you have. The best types of photos based on research are photos that show your personality and interests.

Show yourself playing some kind of sports somewhere outdoors or walking your dog. And remember to smile, because people who smile look more positive and optimistic, and so more attractive.

On the other hand, don’t overdo it with the photos. Use no more than 5 high-quality photos and you will be golden.

Avoid mirror selfies and shirtless pics, unless you have a killer body and you are proud to show it. Anyhow it is best to avoid it.

  •  After you’ve chosen your photos, write a short, descriptive, fun and simple tagline. Don’t make it 300 words long. Use your sense of humor if you have one. Keep it lighthearted and make your Tinder experience fun.
  • Go to settings and setup your preferences.

You can choose which gender you prefer, from which age bracket and even how far away are you living from each other.

  •  Now that everything is setup, you can start swiping.

Using tinder is easy, you can swipe left or right. Swiping left means that you are not interested in that person. Swiping right declares your interest and if the interest is mutual, you will be matched with that person.

When you match with somebody, Tinder will notify you. Then, you can send a direct message to your match.

Keep the conversations light and fun. Match has already happened, you can relax and assume attraction.
Aim to give value in your text messages. Don’t ask a lot of stupid questions and actually be a little bit interesting. After a few back and forths, if you feel that interaction is going well, you can invite your match on a date in real life.

Tinder gives you the option to create groups inside the app. You can invite your Facebook friends, create a mutual group for a party night and swipe together to match with another group. Great way to expand your social circle.

Tinder Pros

  • Tinder definitely has a large database of people using it. If you take your time and swipe through a lot of them chances are you will meet someone perfect for you.
  • You can use it from the comfort of your own home. But we warned, tinder can become addictive and you can start to rely just on Tinder for finding your mate.
  • Easy and very straightforward to use. Create a good profile and start swiping.

Tinder Cons

  • Tinder makes people look disposable – after you catch grips with using tinder you will swipe right or left in a split second based just on someone’s photos. You will quickly decide is someone worth your time or not. So, in a way it makes people look disposable and grows your entitlement through the roof. You will think to yourself: well there are a million more users and that will make you give up on people very fast.
  • It gives you the option of only communicating via text. And when you actually meet someone from Tinder and go on an actual date, it can set the wrong texting expectations. We all know how hard is to use text to show your real personality. Things get misinterpreted very quickly over text.

OK Cupid – OKC

Ok cupid is one of the largest and most popular dating sites, created by a group of app developers and math geniuses.

It has very cool and elegantly designed user interface and it is very easy to use. OKC provides the best user experience for matching with the right people.

To create an account, just use easy interface and follow the instructions. Registration is very simple and straightforward.

First, choose your gender and hit continue.

Then enter your date of birth, geographic location, and email.

Alternatively, you can log in with your Facebook account just like on Tinder. Your privacy is also protected and you don’t have to worry that information from OKC will be shown on your facebook wall.

  1. Build your profile

Before you can start using the dating site, OK Cupid will want you to answer 15 questions. The purpose of the questionnaire is to get to know you better, and your personality. Your likes and dislikes and your preferences in your potential partner.

That help you to find the partner with the same or similar values as you.

Questions are taken from the user database and range from funny questions to more serious ones. You will answer questions about the type of person you would love to date. Is he or she a smoker, religious, sportsperson or maybe loves to play video games? Also questions about your sexual preferences and type of relationship you are searching for.

Another cool feature is quizzes, which have the purpose of building big and responsive community. That way you will have an easier time to communicate and meet new and interesting people.

OK Cupid is a free dating site. You can also download the free app.

OK Cupid gives you the option to purchase the premium version and be placed on the A-List.

Users on the A-list have more perks inside the site, like having more inbox storage and better positioning in the search results. Cost of the premium version is 19/mo $

All in all, OK Cupid provides you with excellent user experience. It is elegant, easy to use and free. It has a large database of users and it will give you the best chance of meeting someone compatible with you.

POF- Plenty of Fish

POF has been one of the top dating sites since it was launched back in 2003. It has a huge user base and more than 5 million active daily users. The POF has a better user base than OK Cupid and and You will have a lot of choices, that is for sure.

Plenty of fish – Best features

Great search engines and match algorithms –

It has a great search engine which will help you  find the right match for you. You can search users based on their age, location, education, career or even astrological sign.

Another cool feature is POF’s match algorithms. They enable you to input preferred characteristics of your ideal candidate for a date. Choose from their age, location, skin color, religion or sexual orientation.

It will also take into consideration the profiles that you click on. So if you say that you like blonde women ages 19-27 and then you click on a profile of some older lady, your match results will show both your preferences.

Use personality tests

Personality tests will not take you a lot of time and will give you the insights into your dating style and help you to find your ideal match.

You can take different tests like – Relationships needs, chemistry predictions, sex tests or many other psychological tests.

Meet me option

Sift through profiles and when you see someone interesting, simply notify them that you want to meet them. You see their age, location, and photos.

Local events

Users can host or attend different social events together. A great opportunity to meet new people and get to know better your online match in a real world.


You have the option to use video or audio chat. This is definitely a better option than texting. You can express your personality much better without the stupid texting miscommunication.

Looks Matter

tinder looks matter

How to Message on Tinder

Now that you have decided which app or dating site to use it is time to play a little and try your luck.
Simply make an account on Tinder, choose a few good photos, write a good bio and start swiping.

You should have a few matches in no time. From there on just steer the conversation in the right direction and propose a date.

There are no rules set in stone about what to say in text messages. Try something matching your personality, style of humor or just be direct. Along the way, you will see what works and what doesn’t.

But please don’t send generic “ Hi, how are you” message.

It screams: I’m so boring and unoriginal, and your chances of a hot date are quickly evaporating.

Example 1

You can be witty and play truth or dare. It’s fun, exciting and gives the other side an opportunity to invest in conversation.

Example 2.

If you have the same interests in your bio, you can comment on that. It shows that you have actually read the profile and gives you a nice opportunity to use that as an opener.

Break the ice by commenting something about your common interests.

Example 3

Just be yourself. A cool and friendly guy that just wants to meet someone and share drinks. Express your offer and invite your match out for drinks.

And remember that it’s in your best interest to exchange the numbers quickly and move to another form of communication tool, like WhatsApp. If a girl gives you her number it’s a clear sign of interest from her side and a signal to you that you are doing great.

Example 4

Another friendly and cool approach but this time mixed with a bit of sexual innuendo. It shows that your intentions are sexual, but also that you are socially savvy enough to avoid direct sexual talk. Not all girls like to communicate in that fashion with complete strangers. Be tactful.

No luck this time, but she loved my response. Treat Tinder like a game and play with words. Don’t be so serious.

Another similar example.

Example 5

If you are feeling bold and confident in your direct approach, try it. You never know.

In most cases, it won’t produce many results.


Sometimes will …

Other Places to Find Free Sex

If you are still unsure of using all this technology, dating sites, apps, and profiles, and you like to do things the old-fashioned way, you can do that too.

Become more social and put yourself in places where you have a greater chance of meeting someone new.

Join a gym or other sports activity. Approach that cute girl in the bookstore and casually chat with her. Flirt and invite her for coffee.

You will even receive a few extra points for your bravery and further increase your chances of finding a partner.


Technology has opened a whole new world for us to explore and enjoy. Dating and finding a sex partner doesn’t have to be a difficult anymore. You can meet someone interesting and new in a few mouse clicks, without even leaving your house. how cool is that?

So, pick few of these free dating sites on the list, take the time to fill out your profile and have fun. Hope this article was able to answer your question on how to find FREE sex tonight.

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