How to Find Safe and Honest Online Dating Sites

The web is great for connecting like minded singles but the problem is it also connects everyone else. Unsavory and downright criminal minds ALSO have access to the internet and they to can just as easily set up a profile. Filtering out the wheat from the chaff can be tough when you are and honest dater with good intentions. You sometimes can feel guilty about thinking twice about someones intentions but you SHOULD think twice before meeting up with someone you meet online.
All it takes is a quick phone call or skype before the date but it can save you from any bad situation that might come up from meeting a single that has bad intentions .
Finding honest dating sites really is not that hard. Just search “top 5 online dating sites” pick one and cough up the cash. These sites work hard to ensure that there brand name is not tarnished by crappy users. On the other hand if you are not prepared to pay then you are risking meeting scammy low quality singles. Quite frankly you should be willing to pay for not only your own safety but also your potential future relationship.
One of the best ways to find honest dating sites is to check out sites such as
User reviews are the best ways to get a bearing on whether a site is dishonest about it’s practices.
Often just staying away from free sites and going paid will keep you away from unsafe sites but the truth is there are many bad paid dating sites out there.
There isn’t really such a thing is unsafe dating site entirely but more the proportion of users that are unsafe make the site unsafe. Obvious choices such as eHarmony and even are sites that have stood the test of time and are clean.
You can also do background checks on dating sites to determine what company is running them.
Sites such as single parent meet and bb people meet are all owner by a company that has a good record. However other dating sites are not so clean. As for plenty of fish it’s not that the owner is out to get anyone it’s the type of user that free dating sites attract
However the free dating site seems to be safe and honest with a large US following.
You can also go to sites like and or google trends and figure out the number of users that the site gets from countries like Africa and eastern Europe.
A site with a large following of Nigerian and Senegal users is likely to be full of spam.
User reviews are the best way to uncover a sites real intentions. Before you hand over any money or go on a date with someone be sure to have a conversation on skype to get there real identity.
The likes of datehookup seems to attract alot of Nigerian users. Once again not because the site is out to get you because it’s not in their best interests to screw you around it’s just that Nigerian scammers target these sorts of sites
In the end if you think something fishy is going on or it’s to good to be true then it proabley is! have a list of great dating site reviews and user comments
Use your common sense!
Not everyone in this world has good intentions… most do but keep an eye out for dating red flags