How to Find Singles Online


Here’s a simple tutorial like approach to finding singles online.
It really is as simple as using google but for all those that want it step by step here it is:
Navigate to
Type in “dating sites” or “free online dating” or “community dating”
Get a list of some free dating sites that you will create profiles in
You will come up with sites such as or depending on your tastes and interests – there are many free online dating sites around that you can join and find singles online looking for many different things that I will not mention here 😉
You will need an email address for this so open up a new tab and sign in to it now. Otherwise go to or and create a new free email address.
You can also go to and sign up for a free account there also
Once you are at your desired free dating site navigate to the signup or register here page
Fill out the details with your own or other information if you want to use an avatar (fake) for this account
Fill in details such as
You MAY be sent a verification of email message in your inbox… If so click on this link to verify
You are now signed up and can browse profiles
If you have a webcam you can use this for video chat.
You may need to upgrade for full feature rich usability of the dating site.

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  1. Could you be more specific? Verification id numbers are not often used for dating sites but if so they should be emailed to the email address provided during signup

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