How To Flirt With Women Online

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Guys… flirting online is great thing! No longer is their crazy ambiguous body language for you to interpret. No longer do you look like a fool when your trying to seduce a girl who is not interested. Flirting online is brutally efficient and straight to the point.
Agreed… A lot is lost in the process of courting when you use online dating. The sexual energy is usually lost due to a lack of body language ques. But if your interested in getting hold of a few phone numbers quickly and then turning on the charm offline – online dating is a god sent.
You can certainly flirt with women online… it’s just a little different than offline. You have follow a few unwritten online flirting rules. Online flirting can be very effective when used properly – receiving winks, nudges, smiles and waves are all signs that someone is checking out your profiles and likes what they see.
The online replacement for body language:

You can also send virtual items with a more personal touché, such as love poems which you have written or customized. Or eCards, Virtual flowers or MP3’s.
Some sites now allow you to send premade instant messages that include fun and interesting questions. You simply select that question and send it away.
These are often called icebreakers – the first move has never been easier!
You can send your own messages out to members: The more interesting and playful you can make these the better.
Even simply questions such as:
Where’s the coolest place in the world you have visited and why?
Or ask something about their physical appearance you like in their profile picture:
Women will often do their hair for the photo, wear jewellery or a nice clothes. Commenting and complementing women on any of these features is a great place to start.
Flirting offline relies heavily on body language which makes online flirting tough and sometimes you won’t know where you stand with a women.
Online flirting therefore relies on what you say not how you act (could be a huge win for you guys).
Use your wit and charm effectively and you could have all sorts of amazing female contacts.
Gentle flattery with a sincere note has proven to work best over time. Never lie but you can always “bend the truth”.
Online flirting etiquette involves returning emails within 24 hours or letting people know you are offline from a certain date. Understanding the shortcuts and flirt emoticons however you can choose to leave these out – (they are more common among the younger online daters)
Like offline dating online dating works best for guys when mystery and intrigue is intertwined with sexual tension and authority. Sounds like a mouthful I know but here’s a few ways to flirt on line using the above mentioned techniques.
Do the opposite of the myspace girl profile picture:
This means don’t smile don’t look at the camera and be doing something else such as playing guitar or being preoccupied (say next to an authority figure). These pictures of you being not interested in the camera itself work best at attracting women, they are also great conversation starters.
Hold information back in your profile (just a little) and in your messages so the women have to work to find out more. (this only works if your profile is interesting to begin with)
End the messaging conversation early with a women by mentioning that you are busy and can resume the conversation at a later date.
Dont send loving eCards
Do flirt with the women by mentioning a physical one physical trait that you like about her and ALSO mention one physical trait that she could work on… (in a nice way)
By bringing up a trait of her appearance that she may feel insecure about you are letting her know that you are different from the rest of the randy dudes out their. You are special, you are not as “impressed” as the rest and she will have to be on her game if she wants to bag you.
You will lose some fish casting this sort of net but the catch will be worth it.

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