How To Flirt With Women Using Secrets Of Persuasion

How To Flirt With Women Using Secrets Of Persuasion
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According To Wikipedia :
Flirting is a common form of social interaction whereby one person obliquely indicates a romantic or sexual interest towards another. It can consist of conversation, body language, or brief physical contact. It may be one-sided or reciprocated (encouraged) with intentions of getting to know that person on a higher level.

What Flirting Is NOT

Flirting is NOT meant to come across seedy or manipulative in ANY way. Some women think that men who want to try pick up, or flirt with them using predefined systems just doesn’t seem right because they want the occasion to be natural and spontaneous.
Flirting is just meant to be a playful representation of your sexual and spiritual self. Its about having fun in the moment not using rigid schemes and one time pickup lines.
Therefore flirting with girls takes time to master because if it does not come naturally to you, YOU will have to take action to improve this if you want to have success with women and dating. Flirting is a crucial part of the seduction phase especially for women so learning to use a good mix of physical, emotional and body language queues that trigger deep attraction in women is vital.
A great way to look at flirting in a better light is to see it as a way of giving loving attention to someone else without expectation of return. Of course you always get LOTS of it in return due to the law of reciprocity. So go ahead right now and flirt all you want!

How To Flirt With Women – Men Have No Clue

Most men have very little clue of how to flirt or what it actually is in the first place. Sorry guys but women are just more socially adapted than us so this alternative form of communication comes naturally.
The problem for us is we are not sure if a women is flirting with us or just acting weird. Of mabey we think we are going crazy saying things like…
“Nah shes not flirting with … she was just looking this way and tossing her hair… or was she? Whatever its not worth the rejection”
The woman is left thinking that you were not attracted to her.

How To Flirt With Women -The Two Sides Of Women

The biggest benefit of learning how to effectively flirt is discovering the other side of women. When two flirters get together it can be a very electrifying experience without anything said at all. They both understand this subconscious but very powerful form of communication. With great flirting you can say more to woman with a knowing glance than a non flirter has said all night trying to chat “normally”.


And if you get good at it … Or even OK at it you will be miles ahead of the pack and the women will
NOTICE. They are open to flirting and WANT guys to flirt with them but most guys just don’t know how.
By flirting effectively you speak directly to a women’s heart bypassing the social mask we all wear.
Get ahead of the game by learning how to flirt with women today. Start speaking to a women’s heart like they all WANT you to and you will find the approach and conversation falls into place as the two of you are now connected past the realm of pleasantries.



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