How to get a women into bed: moving from friend to sexual partner

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To many guys get left in the friend zone: they want to have sex with women but they just don’t know how to move from friend to sexual partner.
Get a girl into bed: A women will want to have sex with you if you push the right buttons… You cannot afford to come off as the nice guy when you want to have sex with a women. You see every time a guy approaches a women and is talking to her she is assessing his potential.
If your 26 and still living at home then perhaps it’s time to think about getting your own house. In the end it comes down to your ability to survive protect and reproduce.
How can you protect a family if you’re a wimpy little boy with now house car or career prospects?
Now I know that your somewhere in the middle and that’s awesome!
Your doing an O.K. job right now but it could be better. Just think how much different you can be from that wimpy lame guy you have in your head.
You want to be the OPPOSITE of the wimpy nerd – this doesn’t mean you don’t have a soft nice side to you but it does mean that your not affected by criticism or ridicule.
It means that you protect yourself and those around you. It means that you strike your own path in life and know where your going and how to get their. It means that you never say “oh I don’t know”… or “hmm ahhh, yeh ok”
Look… if casual sex is what you want then it will come if you can sort out this alpha male concept. You might KNOW all about the alpha male concept but what are you actually doing about it?


The weird thing is that you can actually fake it till you make it. YOU decide if you’re an alpha male or not. And the great thing is that if you believe that your top dog then everyone else believes you to.
They wont (and have no right to) believe that your NOT alpha if your suggesting that you are. They might try to bring you down with words to raise their own position but inside they are thinking… how is he doing that?
Many guys think that having money celebrity status and looks is what they have to have to be an alpha male but there is a secret of underground alpha males that very few guys understand. YOU can decide to act in a way that suggests you are top dog. It’s all in your mindset and it’s all in your head.
In time you will find that simply by acting and being like this people treat you as if you were on top all your life.
This is one of those “secrets of success” I guess.
You can be the alpha male without having any alpha male traits – you simply need to study how they act and mimic. Be the copy cat until you have something to run on.
However experience has shown me that having something tangible to run with is vital. You don’t need it but it HELPS to have an accomplishment or reason to allow your brain to believe you’re the alpha.
This could be winning a sports trophy or having an amazing girlfriend or winning a fight at school being a success in business etc etc. Any sort of power money fame that you have achieved should be used as leverage in your every day life to raise that chin push those shoulders back and look people in the eye. Because as soon as you truly believe that you’re a winner nobody will dare suggest otherwise. (including women)
No more fear of rejection and no more lonely nights without sex. Alpha males get what they want – if you want casual sex then you go out and get it. But spend a few weeks practicing your “game” first.
You don’t have to be a cocky ass in fact this is far from what the alpha hero is. You are noble trustworthy and just. You always mean the best and never put others down to hurt them but you get what you want every time.
Alpha males physically escalate quickly because they know women will not reject them and even if women do pull away they can find another women very quickly.


Remember your ENERGY LEVELS are very important when you are trying to physically escalate…
Your energy flows into – content (words) eye contact, facial animation, voice variation, gestures, body movement…
Become the alpha in every day life and you will never have to go looking for ways to get sex love or appreciation from others again.
To be the alpha male – learn from others – check out this post for a list of alpha male products from love systems

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