How To Get Girls Using Text Messages

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How To Get Girls Using Text Messages

Women love texting

The best thing is there’s very little risk and builds trust and person to person knowledge before the first date. Rather than an uneasy tension you will feel at ease with the girl as you already know a lot about her and vice versa.
You will notice that if you text a girl they always text back. Female communication and psychology are wired to communicating and texting is an easy way into the female inner circle.
So we have established that texting is one of easiest, most commonly used and most risk free way of establishing a connection with a women.

The hardest thing after getting her number:

The difficulty with texting is understanding the women’s frame of mind and perspective. Because their is no tone of voice or body language it’s difficult to know if she is being sarcastic or actually finds you repulsive and wants you to stop texting her. If a girl is giving you any hint about you texting her to much or getting annoying then STOP. You have already screwed your chance and its not going anywhere.
To ensure there are no misunderstandings between you and your potential female partner perhaps make up a symbol that the two of you understand when you are being sarcastic. This symbol can be used at the end of a sentence so no offence is taken.
Texting is most effective when used to initiate further “real” conversation and to send little flirts and goodnights.
Texting is not used effectively when full blown conflict resolution or storytelling is necessary. It just takes too long and any effect is usually lost as a result.

Once you have her number now what?

Now you send your first text of course… The nature of your first text will depend a lot on the nature of your first encounter. If you got this off a friend then your first text will be an introduction.
Hey it’s steve, jacks friend
You won’t have my number but I noticed you at jacks dinner last night and couldn’t help but get in contact with you…
(this can all be turned into text jargon if that’s how you roll) Realise first what nature the girl you are texting has. If she is one to text using $ signs then go ahead and do that. Get this information off your friend if you don’t know. Find out as much about her as you can. You can use these insights into her personality to your advantage.

Find out what her favourite things to do are

Find out her favourite food
Find out her dislikes
The more you know about the person you are hoping to date using txts the better. You can use this to suggest potential dinner meetings or more importantly as knowledge to stay away from certain topics that she hates talking about.
Remember when you are communicating via text all you have to go on are words and all you have to impress her with is humour and intrigue. Those 160 characters of text need to go a long way so make sure you re read your text and try to see it from a womens perspective.
Now this can be tough for a lot of guys – most are unaware of the differences in male and female thinking patterns.
She will be interpreting your every word – stay within the boundaries of normal conversation at the start until you establish trust.
Even though it’s easy when texting to slip words in that you think are funny and send them away. These words can easily be misinterpreted by women as being hurtful. Tasteful humour if used in context is vital when texting women for the first time.

How many texts a day is too many?

This all depends on her and how you come across. If the text conversation is going find and you can tell she is interested then there is little point in stopping it short halfway through. BUT you do want to be the one to stop the conversation.
Stop the text conversation with something like
Hey it’s been really great to finally get in contact with you
I have to run but I’ll get back to you later this week.
Your Name
By stopping the text converstation you remain in control and portray some social status by showing her you are busy with other things (not sitting at home texting her)
Text messaging women is all about perspective and insight into female thinking.
Research what you can about the women you are texting and become aligned with her thinking and what she wants.

Use what you know about her to establish trust before trying anything crazy.
Take it slow and you will be rewarded.

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