How To Get Laid On Badoo

how to get laid on Badoo

Badoo with their millions of members is probably the largest dating site ever and one where you can easily get laid if you know a few tricks. But let’s start at the beginning and get the facts straight about Badoo then guide you on ‘how to get laid on Badoo’.

How To Get Laid On Badoo

Badoo in Numbers

• Over 200 million users
• 100,000 new signups every day
• 44 languages and 191 countries
• 65% of users are young adults aged 25 to 35
• 135 million messages sent daily
• Available for 12 mobile platforms
• More than 250 employees
• 200 million dollars of revenue per year
• 10 million matches made PER DAY

What Makes Badoo Different

Everyone loves it because it’s very easy to find new people in your area, chat with them and hook up instantly. Due to its built in location recognition and lots of cool tools, it’s only going to take a few minutes to find someone who is lonely nearby. For all you know, she may be just a few houses down the street, feeling lonely and up for anything.

And when I mean anything, I mean anything! Even though Badoo doesn’t advertise itself as an adult dating site, sex is still the number one thing both guys and girls who sign up are actually looking for whether they know it themselves or not.

Unlike many other dating sites, Badoo actually has a lot of real girls signed up, real girls who are not shy, are not looking for the love of their lives and who, just like most guys, just want to have fun, casual sex, one night stands.

These women are easy to find, they don’t need any romancing, and you can just simply lay it out and ask them to meet you for sex, no strings attached. Chances are high that they will actually come. But there are still some tricks and a bunch of advice that I want to give you before you go to Badoo and start looking for someone to hook up with.

How To Use Badoo For Finding Casual Sex

On how to get laid on Badoo, I won’t spend any time on explaining how women can find sex on Badoo, as here, just like anywhere else you won’t even have to bother – sex (and men) will find you. So just let them charm you and pick who you like best for your date for the night.

As for men, it’s not rocket science, but you still have to put in some effort. Well, at least most of the time. It’s not unusual to get a girl to meet up after chatting to her for 2 min and being prompt about what you want form her. However, if you want a girl that is above average looking and might even have some brains (not that it matters really, if you are just after sex), you need to charm her a little.

Start by complimenting her looks and her profile, but don’t do it like 99% of men on Badoo, “Hey sexy, you look hot”, etc. Be creative, tell her for example, “I could tell that you took this photo just for me, it’s calling out for me. Where shall we meet?” Anything goes, anything that she hasn’t heart a hundred times. Take it from there and always think two steps ahead.

When you ask her a question, try to guess what she might reply and have an answer ready. Don’t chat with 10 girls at the same time and keep her waiting, she’ll get bored if she doesn’t get instant replies and will go with someone else. You have to make sure that she knows that she has your full attention. This is one of the most essential tip on how to get laid on Badoo.

Don’t hurry, take your time. I don’t mean you have to sweet talk to her for weeks or months, no, just give it half an hour to win her over. Another tip is to not mention sex directly (even though sometimes it might work). You can be witty and give some hints or talk about it indirectly. She will know what you are talking about and so do you, but this way it will look more like an exciting game and girls do like to play games.

Your goal should be to get her to go out with you today, or tomorrow – however you prefer. Once you have met up, let your natural charm do the job and you will get laid the first night.

Do You Need The Paid Service

No, you absolutely don’t need extra powers to meet girls and find sex. I, as a girl myself, am even hesitant to chatting or going out with men who use a paid service and who have a ton of badges on their account. This makes them look desperate and women don’t like desperate men.

Try to be casual, fun, charming and witty. Choose girls who have uploaded sexy pictures, even better if they are temporarily in your area, either on vacation or because of work – girls like these are more open for one night stands. Badoo has features to know all that even before you say “Hi”. Use these tools and you will have sex with a pretty girl TONIGHT! Hope you find this guide on how to get laid on Badoo useful.

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