How to get LAID on Face Book – without doing any work

Is facebook really a good place to find girls?
This is one of the questions I get all the time!
“What kind of profile pictures work the best?
Your Facebook profile picture is crucial to picking up women on facbook.
Obviously if you have a really creepy picture girls simply wont respond to you. You DONT just put up some lame webcam picture of you staring at the computer!
This may be COMPLETLY counter intuitive but use a facebook profile picture with you smiling in a group full of other women and guys. This doesn’t display to them that you are taken as you might think!
It indicates that you are popular and hence DESIRABLE
One of my buddies Derek is so good at getting contacts via facebook -check out this screen shot he sent me…

Women associate this with attraction NOT competition.
If you don’t have any pictures of yourself will girls because you really are a bit of an introvert and haven’t even gone that far yet… There is still hope –
Use what I call the prop.
Use a picture of you standing next to anything cool or influential!
Been on a recent holiday to a far eastern or Caribbean island?
The status will rub off
Subconscious signals of money fame and status is what you are all about right?
Convey these everywhere you go if you want to pick up women… Fake it till you make it buddy.
Also generally people that travel are interesting and widely spoken on topics that women want to talk about.
YES all these things ARE flashing through a womens mind when she goes to check out your ugly facebook mug. So make dam sure you are displaying when you need to display – this is how we get responses from hot women!
Of course there’s much more to it than just having a good profile picture… you need to know how to TALK to girls online as well.
That’s why there is everything you need to know and do to get those GORGEOUS girls on your Facebook/MySpace friends list in bed with you!
All in this FREE book

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  1. Everyone knows the real way to get laid with facebook is following my advice.

    1. haha… that videos actually pretty funny. PUA’s so easy to take the piss out of.

  2. Facebook is such a great way to get laid and some many guys haven’t yet realized its power! You need to get this book!

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