How to Get Over Your Ex and Heal a Broken Heart

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Breakups can be painful and devastating. When you are truly in love it will be hard to get over your ex and heal your broken heart. Your heart might be bleeding but you have to move on. Your ex is already having a good time and you should be having fun too. You don’t deserve to continually suffer and endure the pain for a long time.

We understand the pain you are going through. That is why we come up with this guide on how to get over your ex and heal your broken heart.  Because after a painful breakup all you really need is to heal and get over your ex.

 Have a final closure

Make it clear it clear to yourself that its over. Avoid being in a situation where you are wondering if there is still love between the two of you. Clearly there is none.

It’s better to hear it from her that she is walking away and dumping you for good. It will hurt a lot I know but you will have to bear with it just once. Don’t torture yourself with anticipation and false hopes.

Avoid being depressed or sad

Avoiding anything that will make you sad or depressed. Avoid being alone, listening to sad songs and love songs. These are the things that can trigger sad emotion. If you are sad or depressed it will bring back emotions that can hurt you even more.

If you were living in together and now you’re alone. Maybe it’s time that you move back to your parents house and be with them for awhile. You may also ask your closest relative or best buddies to move in with you for a few days.

Avoid all your connections and memorabilia

Delete her number on your phonebook, don’t try to call or text her. It’s time to change your Facebook status but don’t unfriend her.

Collect all items that remind you of her, letters, gifts, and pictures. Throw them away or burn them all. It’s best to have nothing that will remind you of her or what you had together.

Find some recreation

Focus your attention on things that you enjoy doing. Watch movies, play video games, travel or hang out with your buddies.

getting over your ex

Do you ever want to go abroad, attend some hiking or adventure trips that your ex does not agree? This is the perfect time to do it. Once again you are in full control of your time and now you are planning for yourself.

Avoid your memorable places and places where she might be  

It’s good to be out and about but avoid places where you used to hangout and places where she might be.  You don’t need a confrontation with her unless you have not fully recovered.

Restaurants and places where you used to date and have a good time will just bring back hurting memories. Maybe it’s time to try new places and discover new things. You are free and freedom is something you should enjoy.

Make New Friends Specially Girlfriends 

Now is the time to make new friends. Flirt with other girls or start a quest picking as many  women as you can. Maybe it’s time that you get back into the game and learn some skills with woman. Do things that you were not able to do before because she does not agree with it.

Hangout in bars, clubs, and mingle with new people. You may also go online and make new friends or find a date. Set up a new online dating account. Or use your existing Facebook or any other social networking accounts and make new connections.

Release your emotions

It’s unhealthy to keep all your emotions inside, you must find an outlet. You can do it in several ways. You can go somewhere you are alone and no one can hear you scream. The scream on top of your lungs whatever you want to say to her. You may also write everything that you feel into a piece of paper then burn it. Why not buy a set of ceramic plates and one by one throw them  into a concrete wall yelling ” I’m done with you!”.

It’s nice to find a way how to release your emotions. But be sure that you don’t put yourself or someone at risk. There are other things you can do to channel your heartaches and frustration into a more productive way.

No alcohol and drugs

I know I said you should have a good time. But easy on alcohol, drink but don’t get drunk. No drugs as well. This will make you forget about the pain and it may offer a quick fix. But it will not do you any good in the long run. You don’t really want to deal with nasty hangovers. A heartache and terrible headaches in the morning is not what you want.

Take control of your emotion, clear your mind and plan ahead. Look at the bright side of the story. This break up is an opportunity for you. An opportunity to find a better woman who deserve your love and attention. Take it as a challenge.

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